Winter chaos versus employment law

Heavy snowfall has disrupted commuters, shut schools and caused traffic chaos in many parts of the UK. So what are your rights if you couldn’t get into work or if you are an employer and your staff couldn’t make it in? We have asked Richard Nicolle, partner in Denton Wilde Sapte’s employment practice looks at some of the issues.

Joint Ventures – What are the best options?

Businesses across all industries often look to collaborate with others for mutual advantage. It could be the pooling of resources for R&D; an investment agreement in which one party contributes cash while the other provides technical expertise; or a more complex arrangement involving a separate company with its own funding, management and staff.

Top 10 tips about Intellectual Property (IP)

All businesses have some form of IP, regardless of their field of activity, even if only in their name (trade mark) or their company literature (copyright) and with so much weight being placed on these things by investors If the core revenue of a business results from some form of technology and/or product design, you should take steps to ensure that you protect.

Are you covered?

David Greaves, Director of Deals & Small Businesses at RSA gives up some practical tips on ensuring that cutting back on insurance costs doesn’t mean you find yourself uninsured if you need to make a claim

Capability Dismissals

Whilst capability is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, it is something of a “poor relative” to redundancy and conduct. The perceived length and complexity of the procedure involved inevitably leads employers to look at more straight forward options, but this can be risky, and capability procedures remain a vital part of good performance management.

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

Do you know of any business, which:

  1. Promotes a product similar to a product made by a particular manufacturer in such a manner as deliberately to mislead the consumer into believing that the product is made by that same manufacturer when it is not;
  2. Makes an invitation to consumers to purchase products at a specified price and then refuses to take orders for it or deliver it within a reasonable time?