Legal Aid cuts to affect societies most vulnerable

These cuts have potential to heavily affect certain businesses, as highlighted in an article written by the chief executive of Shelter, Campbell Robb, in The Guardian.

Less help for homeless
Robb stated 10 out of the 30 nationwide Shelter bases will be forced to close, with 100 employees losing their positions within the charity. This not only reduces his business by a third, but will also occur when people are becoming increasingly vulnerable and require the help of the charity most.

Robb said: “Our research has shown that the number of people constantly struggling to pay their rent or mortgage has increased by 44 per cent over the past year alone. Over the past three years, the number of people our helpline assisted who are homeless or facing losing their home has risen by 80 per cent.

“In addition to the legal aid cuts, reductions in local authority budgets mean there will be less money, staff and services to deal with the problems created by unaffordable or poor housing.”

Threat to business
Alongside charities being affected, other businesses will see cuts affecting themselves and their employees. It’s important for business owners and employees to know and understand what they will be entitled to should they require legal aid, and how to find the best representation within their budget.

Should an accident occur in work with a resulting injury, it’s likely an employee will require medical attention. Should medical negligence occur within this time, it is within the right of those affected to know what they are entitled to; loss of pay and emotional and physical suffering are just two of the possible effects of medical negligence. To find out more about your rights, get medical solicitor information from if you need it.