Using Twitter to collect business debts

Recovering debts is cited by most business owners as one of the most time consuming, expensive and stress filled task involved in their business.
The new system launched by will allow business owners to send a Tweet details of the amount owed. 
They will then receive a reply within 24 hours detailing the likelihood of recovering their money and options available, before the recovery of the debt is taken on by the team at 
The free service, which is the first Twitter-based debt recovery facility in the UK, will save millions of pounds every year and endless time as businesses will be able to avoid taking expensive legal action against companies incapable of paying. 
As uncertainty about the economy continues, late or non-payment of money owed to businesses is a primary concern and can have devastating consequences for SMEs and their employees. 
Government figures show that a record number of SMEs are going bankrupt each year and that the majority of the time this is caused by non-payment of bills from suppliers.
The Twitter advice service is part of a wider group of services offered by to support SME businesses. The site also offers a new subscription service allows users to send pre-legal notices, issue court proceedings and instruct enforcement action. For a small £10 per month subscription, SMEs have access to an on-line solution that enables them to chase payments.
Jamie Waller, CEO of, said, “Twitter provides the perfect solution for time-pressed small business owners to receive straight-forward debt recovery advice. In today’s environment every small business should have this facility to manage their credit control as it will help them make a far better assessment of whether a debt is worth pursuing.
“It is totally unfair that some businesses are causing other businesses to go into receivership due to non payment of bills. Extending payments terms and burying invoices go hand in hand with economic uncertainty, but only serve to make matters a whole lot worse for small businesses. Chasing debt will take their eye off running their business and seriously hamper growth.
Jamie added: “We aim to collect every penny that is owed to our clients through integrity, hard work and determination. We believe that all SMEs have a right to be paid what they are owed and supporting the business community is at the top of our agenda.”