Why digital mailrooms are the ultimate outsourced service in 2020

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For business owners throughout the corporate landscape, 2020 has been a challenging year, and it’s only May.

From the Coronavirus pandemic to the Brexit negotiations, which have already distributed the business market, these past few months have been incredibly tough on companies.

As such, now more than ever, you need to be streamlining your organisation and making sure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

An ideal solution for any business leader who is facing a stressful and ever-evolving future is to use a digital mailroom service.

If you’re never heard of a digital mailroom, then read on to find out more about how these innovative services could save your business time, effort and hassle.

What Is A Digital Mailroom?

A digital mailroom is an outsourced service which allows companies to give access to their physical post to an external organisation. The team at the digital mailroom will open the post, arrange it by type, digitise and bank cheques and then scan any remaining documentation, creating a digital copy that can be reviewed and actioned by your team.

Why Will This Save My Business Time?

By using a digital mailroom service, your company can outsource the management and digitalisation of its letters and physical correspondence. Your team can access all of your letters remotely, wherever they are, which is particularly crucial in the time of the Coronavirus, as many staff are working remotely. Digital mailrooms can digitalise all of your post, so that your team can access it from their home and then action it as requested. The team at the digital mailroom will remove all staples and fastenings from correspondence so that they can be scanned and allow your team to clearly read each letter and see exactly what needs to be done.

Are Digital Mailrooms Secure?

Using a digital mailroom service requires a lot of trust, as you will be allowing the company access to your firm’s private correspondence. This is why you should work with a respected provider of digital mailroom solutions, such as the document experts at Cleardata, to ensure that you receive a high-quality, safe digital mailroom service that will save your business time and keep your information secure at the same time.

Cleardata provide an extremely secure service which makes them one of the most trusted providers on the market. All documents are scanned in their secure mailroom and cheques banked via a secure G4S collection service . They also have a system in place for archive/destruction, whereby documents you wish to keep can be safely stored in their facility and any that are unwanted can be securely shredded.

If that’s not enough, Cleardata’s facility meets the highest compliance standards. Their premises are protected by biometric fingerprint entry, there’s 24 hour CCTV monitoring, secure fencing, an enhanced fire detection system and much more. Your documents couldn’t be in more secure hands. 

What If I Need To Extract Data From My Documents?

Data can be automatically extracted from your documents thanks to intelligent data capture software. As a result, your team can quickly take the data they need from your physical correspondence, just as they would any other email or digital document. As such, your team won’t need to type out the data included in their letters, saving them time and effort.

How Are The Digitalised Documents Stored?

Most digital mailroom providers store their clients’ digital documents on a secure, online document management system. They can be arranged as you want them, be it by name, date received, purpose or any other factor. Once the documents have been uploaded onto the digital document management system, your team can easily access them and find the most recent correspondence. The result is an efficient, effective alternative to managing your letters manually.

How Do I Know When My Documents Have Been Opened And Uploaded?

Your digital mailroom provider should inform you once your post has been opened and uploaded so that you can access your digitalised documents as soon as they are available. As such, you’ll always be able to keep on top of your firm’s physical correspondence.

Overall, it’s clear that digital mailrooms are the perfect solution for any company looking to streamline its operations and move towards a paperless working environment. Review a selection of digital mailroom services to find the one that suits your organisation and will help you and your staff to overcome the challenges you face throughout the remainder of 2020.