What every business should know – A guide to sending parcels around the world!

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Does your business send parcels to different locations in the UK or around the world?

Perhaps you are UK business which manufactures goods to sell online with customers located world-wide. Maybe you buy car parts, machinery, products and merchandise from suppliers globally to sell in the UK.

With the demand of online shopping, everyone wants fast delivery. Which means more and more businesses are looking for competitively priced, easy to use online systems to book and send parcels world-wide. One company making a big impact in the business sector is the online courier services provider World Options.

Choice of Couriers

World Options help solve businesses shipping and courier needs with a simple online shipping solution for booking courier services in just a few clicks.

Businesses can sign-up to a free online account, there is no contract or tie-in, businesses can use the account as much or as little as they want. They get assigned to a dedicated account manager who is there to help guide the business with shipments.

Review Your Business Shipping Processes

Often businesses don’t realise that making small tweaks to how they ship parcels, packages and pallets, the speed of transit chosen or size of packaging can make a huge difference to the total amount spent in a year, these small tweaks often lead to saving hundreds or even thousands.

The question many businesses find challenging is; which courier or shipping supplier can provide your business the best rates and get the shipments to its required destination with minimum hassle?

Instead of being restricted to one courier supplier, businesses should have a choice of several couriers. World Options online shipping portal offers a choice of multiple leading courier brands in one place.

Businesses can login and ship goods using a choice of FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT through the World Options online shipping portal in just a few click.

Simply enter the shipment weight, dimensions and destination to view multiple quick quote prices from all the above carriers in seconds. Book the shipment and the selected courier will collect the goods and deliver to its chosen destination.

What’s also helpful is World Options have put together:


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