Top 5 cloud based apps for small and medium-sized enterprises

Top 5 cloud based apps for small and medium-sized enterprises_1

An ever-increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud computing for the benefits that it brings about.

Examples include reduced IT costs, scalability, and access to automatic updates. Owing to cloud based applications, small and medium-sized enterprises are able to do more with less. They do not have to make unnecessary expenditure or constantly evaluate each expense. Organisations who want to do things differently and more innovatively need to say yes to cloud computing applications. But which ones? We have some suggestions, in case you were wondering. For every important business function, there is an app to help you out.

Office applications

There are a number of applications which are ideally suited for small to medium-sized enterprises. With the right software in place, you can carry out various tasks without much difficulty. The best thing of all is thatthey run from the cloud. People can work with these apps wherever they are, at any time they want.

Microsoft Office 365

The initial version of the group of applications included only Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Now, it is a whole different story. You have access to powerful online tools that enable you to grow your company. You can work with web-based versions of Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and OneNote.Microsoft Office 365 is literally in the cloud.  You can have your documents on the cloud and you access them from anywhere, on PCs and touch-screen devices. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that you cannot install Office on more than 5 PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones.

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Digital Cloud allows you and your team to work with digital files. What you can do is create documents in PDF format, transform PDF files into Word or Excel documents, create web forms, and sign contracts online, which is no little. The cloud based application can be accessed through an Internet browser. All kinds of users can manage and secure electronic documents.

G Suite

G Suite is one of those products that you cannot live without. It includes Docs, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and much more. These are intelligent applications that can come in handy when you are struggling to run a business, no matter its size. If you have a standard account, you cannot take full advantage of the Google Apps. Think about upgrading your account. You do not need permission to access your company’s files or folders. Besides file ownership, you enjoy many perks like the ability to share files and keep anything in your drive.Signing up for Google’s office suite is a good idea.

2.   Video conferencing: Google Hangouts

Video conferencing makes it possible to have face-to-face meetings without changing location. This, in turn, improves communication and re-enforces relationships. A long time ago, video conferencing used to be a luxury. This is not the case anymore. You do not need complex equipment or expertise, for that matter. Google Hangouts is a great video conferencing solution and collaboration tool. This communication platform, which will not go away any time soon, provides voice/video calling and text-based messaging. It deploys cutting-edge technology to help people chat. Google Hangouts is used by important companies such as Coca-Cola, ASOS, and Dell. You should give it a try.

3.   Cloud storage and file-sharing: Dropbox

It is needless to say how many advantages cloud storage brings to small and medium-sized enterprises. You do not need more than a computer and a good Internet connection. In the modern world, wherecloud based application development is the norm, you can work from wherever. You just have to save the most important files to your computer and transfer them to make sure everyone has access to the latest version. How do you move files from one device to another? It is really simple when you have a cloud based app like Dropbox. This web-based application lets you copy files to the cloud and access them later. With the free version, you have all your needs covered.

4.   Social media applications

Given the constant presence of people on social media networking sites, you cannot afford not to be online. Individuals share very important information about their needs and demands digitally. Be active on social media. This means generating positive opinions and boosting customer engagement. Social media apps have become much more sophisticated, so you can easily share your resources in real-time to increase brand awareness. Consider these social media apps for your brand:


On Twitter, you can connect with people and advertise your business. Craft your 140-character pitch and reach followers with just one click. Better yet, keep them posted. Whether you are making changes or if you are having a promotion, let them know. Millennials use this social networking platform, so if they are your target market, you are in luck.


If you do nothave a company profile on LinkedIn, you should. Professionals from all over the world use this social media application for networking purposes. It is not about who you know on LinkedIn, but who your acquaintances know. Take advantage of the power of this site to grow a profitable business. Let others know everything about your company, brand, and what job opportunities there are.


Snapchat is not just a messaging app. It is more than that. You can share pictures and videos, create a sponsored lens, provide discounts and promo codes, and the list can go on. Snapchat users are highly likely to make purchases through the cloud based application, so you do not have to spend a lot of time convincing them to take action. If you want to draw attention and build a loyal audience, Snapchat is the app to use.

5.   Note-taking, organising, and task lists: Evernote

Chances are that you have heard about Evernote. It is an application that is meant to help users with note-taking, organising, and making to-do lists.The great thing about this cloud based application is that it automatically synchronizes across all devices and operating systems. You do not lose anything. If you wish to share your notes, you can do that using Evernote. Send your notes or email them if you like. The choice is yours. Make sure Evernote is part of your daily plans.