Top 3 tips on creating an effective blog


A blog is a website which mainly  focuses on content. Being able to not only write well but interact well with your readers is crucial.

It doesn’t end with content, however. Using a great SEO strategy to make sure you get traffic and rank well is a major element as well. Blogging may seem intimidating, but with these simple tips, you can start an effective blog that reaches your intended audience and keeps them engaged.

Tip #1: Choose the right platform and design

There are so many fantastic website builder platforms out there. That being said, a blog is content-rich, so you will want to choose the right platform that offers the cost, features, and design options for what you are looking for. Consider these important tools you should look for in your platform:

  • Do you need to know code to add, edit, or manage your pages?
  • Can you insert images and videos in your blog
  • Does the platform make it simple for your user to leave comments and to reply quickly
  • Is it 100% responsive across multiple mobile devices

There are plenty of pre-designed templates that are perfect for you to create a blog. When choosing a template for a blog, remember your purpose and audience. If you have a finance blog but your background is a sunny beach scene it may confuse your reader. A great tip is to check out the competition and get feedback. The more you understand your audience, the better equipped you will be to pick the right design.

Tip #2: Get traffic with the right content

The main purpose of any blog is to be read. You may be a great writer but if no one ever visits your site, you might as well have blank pages. Use this checklist to make sure your content will get great traffic every time:

  • Write for your audience – follow the trends in your niche. You can check out social media to get ideas for what your audience is struggling or interested in.
  • Your content should be clear and relevant to what your website or blog is about.
  • Visit other blogs and leave comments. Want to be found, become part of the network. Relationships with other bloggers bring so much value (not to mention backlinks )
  • SEO strategy – make sure you have a well-thought-out SEO strategy to drive traffic and increase rankings. Look for site builders that offer SEO apps and integrations to help you get your site seen.
  • Internal links – there should always be obvious navigation between similar posts

For example, if you wrote a piece about Top 10 money-saving tips for the summer and mentioned a downloadable spending plan, link a post about how to use that plan within your site.

Expert Trick: Create a Series – this is a great way to express the value of your content. This can be a piece for a short-time like the holidays or summer break.

Tip #3: Make sure your content is shared

Make sure when you create a blog that your social media share buttons are easy to identify and tell your audience what to do (call-to-action buttons). Each blog you get shared is like a mini advertisement for what you offer. The more your content is shared, the more visible your site is. There are millions of blogs out there, getting seen means your content should have the right keywords so you can rank and the right relevance so your audience will follow and share.

Expert Trick: Choose a website builder that integrates SEO, call-to-action-buttons, and share features easily.


To create a blog make sure you consider every element. Content is incredibly important but so is the platform you choose as well as the design elements. Your site should be 100% responsive so anyone can enjoy it on their mobile device.

Your writing should be relevant, original, and easily shareable. Encourage your audience to come by utilizing good SEO strategy like keywords within your content. You didn’t create a blog to take up space online. Get shared with share buttons that are easy to find and guide your users to follow and share your work repeatedly with strong CTA’s.