Christmas Party ‘Sickie’ hangovers will cost dearly this festive season

The poll of 6,000 British workers, conducted by hotel chain Travelodge, found that they predicted that their productivity will halve in the lead-up to Christmas. On average they will spend three hours and five minutes just staring into space; due to a raging hangover – after their annual Christmas party.
Further findings revealed despite the recession, over a third of UK businesses are paying for their employees Christmas party this year. Whilst 31% of respondents stated they are paying out of their own pockets for their Christmas bash this year.
Over a quarter of British workers reported as a result of the stresses of 2010 they are more likely to get more drunk than usual at their Christmas party this year.
Further research findings revealed a quarter of British workers have called in ‘sick’ due to a hangover even though one in ten callers were convinced their boss knew they were pulling a fast one. Only one in ten respondents stated they have been honest and told their boss they cannot come into work due to a raging hangover.
The top three illnesses Brits will use as a cover-up for a hangover in order to pull a ‘sickie day are; they have got food poisoning, they have a 24- hour bug / virus or they are suffering from a migraine.
Hung-over workers should expect ‘no sympathy’ from colleagues as 30% of respondents reported they get annoyed, when a team member is off due to a self inflicted illness resulting from a ‘night out’.   
Worryingly 26% of respondents admitted to driving into work despite having a severe hangover and freely admitted that they could well be over the legal drink and driving limit.  
Once at work, kipping is high on the agenda for ‘fragile’ workers as 46% of respondents admitted to a catnap at work after a ‘big night out’. The top five locations for a sneaky kip at work are:
  1. At the desk or under the desk
  2. In the toilets
  3. In the car
  4. In the staff room / canteen
  5. In the board room or stationery cupboard
A quarter of respondents also stated they have managed to drag themselves into work after a heavy night out and pretended to be sick, so that they could be sent home to bed to nurse their hangover.         
The research also revealed 20% of British workers have booked a day’s holiday after their Christmas work’s bash this year – so that they can nurse their hangover guilt free.