Getting to know you: Jason Mohr

What do you do?
I am managing director of AnyJunk, the UK’s largest rubbish clearance company.  AnyJunk provides a fast response, eco-friendly solution for homes and businesses for clearing and disposing of any sort of bulky junk and rubbish that’s too big for bin.
Since this article was published, Jason also launched LoveJunk, an online marketplace for bulky waste collection and reuse. LoveJunk is a sort of eBay for junk removal, connecting people to their cheapest available licensed waste collector or reuse organisation.
Who is your inspiration in business?
The original inspiration was my father, who has been a successful entrepreneur from as early as I can remember.  I enjoy networking and always get a buzz from meeting smart people who have overcome significant challenges to create great businesses. Ultimately, though, my biggest motivation is to build an organisation that my wife and kids can be proud of.
Whom do you admire?
I love companies like Innocent and Apple that exude integrity, passion and personality.  Brands that give you an emotional reason to buy their product and who clearly aren’t happy with second best.  On a more general note, I admire anyone that achieves excellence in their field but still retains a sense of humility along the way.
Looking back, are there things you would have done differently?
I wish I’d started my own business earlier. Before AnyJunk I spent too many years working long hours for other people doing stuff I didn’t really enjoy.  That said, the experience certainly made me much more appreciative of how lucky I am to be doing what I do now.
What defines your way of doing business? 
I’m a perfectionist who’s never really satisfied with anything.  I’m keen on systems and processes which has been crucial to growing AnyJunk without compromising on service. I like simplicity and focus – hence we’ve stuck to our knitting from day one rather than diversify.  I’m very customer centric and believe that honest effort and communication are what make great business.
What advice would you give?
If you want to make things happen – talk to people, don’t rely on emails. Make sure you dominate the web in your market – its influence is ubiquitous.  Retain a healthy cynicism for ‘experts’ and always seek a third opinion.  Lastly, set clear personal (not just financial) goals before you start your business – without them, you’ll struggle to gauge your success.
AnyJunk is the country’s only national on-demand rubbish collection agency.  The company currently diverts 77% of rubbish it collects (domestic and commercial) through recycling or re-use to avoid landfills and dumps.