The best employee scheduling software for small businesses


What is employee scheduling? If you’re a manager, you already know the answer to that question.

However, if you’re not one hundred percent sure, we’ll make it easy: employee scheduling is the day and hours an employee has been scheduled to work. And why is this important? In one word? Efficiency! Apart from that all-important reason, there are a few more we should mention.

Properly creating an employee schedule ensures that all important roles are covered and completed in a timely manner. Additionally, it shows you who your best employees are so you can schedule accordingly and you can better honor an employee’s time-off request as you better learn their working hour preferences. However, if you’re using the wrong tool for the task, you’re only welcoming problems that can be avoided!

If you want to avoid operational chaos, no faith in the scheduling process, inefficient workflows, unhappy employees, and increased costs – you must use the right employee scheduling software. We know that sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation. The good news is, you can find the right software for you and your business to ensure efficiency and happy employees.

The 3 best employee scheduling software solutions for small businesses:

Connecteam – the best solution for multiple, mobile, non-desk users. Connecteam’s employee scheduling app makes scheduling shifts so simple. In a tap, add shifts and send a push notification to all your employees – you can even track who read the message so you can ensure the schedule was reviewed. You can create single, multiple or team shifts, or if you prefer, upload a bulk shift schedule with an Excel file. Connecteam saves you even more time with features like calendar view, drag and drop, copy last week’s schedule, and so much more. Employees can also request changes in the schedule, accept or reject a shift, and schedule time off – as a manager, you’ll also get an automated notification.

This all-in-one mobile app is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. And did we mention it’s super affordable? We have now! Connecteam is the only scheduling software available at a fixed monthly price. Starting at $29/month and ranging to $72/month for up to 200 users, you can’t go wrong with Connecteam. Start their free 21-day trial now.

7 shifts – the best solution for restaurant owners. For companies that work in the restaurant business, 7 Shifts was created especially for you. For their restaurant clientele, 7 Shifts boasts of 80% time saved on managing an employee’s schedule, 1-3% labor costs saved, 70% reduction in unnecessary calls or texts. This software will save you time on creating and managing schedules and more time focused on running your restaurant!

Their pricing plan is a bit complex as it has four options, all with their own limitations. Choose a free plan for only one restaurant and only 10 employees. For $19.99/month, you get one location covered and up to 20 employees. $43.99/month is for multiple locations and as many employees as you want. And lastly, “The Works” is unlimited location and employees for $76.99. 7 Shifts sound like the perfect fit if you’re in the restaurant business.

WorkTime – the best solution if you’re self-employed or a small team. easily create and track a work schedule. A user can add a shift in just a few clicks and can view the week’s schedule on one screen. Some added features include sharing a schedule on social media platforms, alarms and notifications, and unlimited jobs. WorkTime is best if you’re just one user and it is limited in its scope to guide you through a scheduling process. Use their free 30 day trial and if you’re satisfied, it costs $11.95 – $59.95 per user/computer.