The benefits of having staff ID cards for your business

staff passes

Nowadays its really important to identify a person, especially if we’re talking about a successful, big company.

In order to do this, many CEOs have decided to implement ID cards, and they were proven to be the most successful tool out there for the staff and employees.

These cards are very important, as they give you the name, the job title and the department where that specific person works. There’s also a photograph on that card for the instant identification.

They can be used for pretty much every type of job, from company salesman to golf courses attendants and can be worn pretty much everywhere, from around the neck to clipped to a badge. Or they’re simply put in a wallet, somewhere you can easily get in case you need to.

Opinions are different from one person to another. Some love the idea, others hate to wear their pictures around their necks. It makes them feel like they’re obligated to wear some kind of uniform. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but some said the uniform keeps them too tight to their job. But we respect everyone’s opinion here. However, ID cards are very useful in a company.

Here’s why ID Cards & Accessories are crucial:

Security always comes first

People and events threating security are real and should not be ignored at all costs. Every employee and staff member should have an ID card with them at all times, as it can help them recognize each other. This piece of card will protect all the employees and staff of the company.

These ID cards also allow access to specific rooms at the work place and even other related areas and buildings and, more importantly, equipment, which an outsider could not have access to without this card. To be sure, a company should do background checks to employers. Nothing too harsh, just making sure those people actually work there. Here we’re talking about large companies, of course.

The equipment needs to be protected

The equipment is perhaps the most important thing from a company. We’re talking about very expensive tools. These ID cards will ensure the people from there that no stranger has access to them. Only persons from the inside. This will diminish the chances of theft. But if, however, it happens that a piece of equipment is stolen, the thief should be found easily – by knowing who was in and who got out when it happened. All of it, thanks to the ID cards. And thinking that people hate this piece of card…

There’s no need to struggle to remember names anymore

Everyone knows what it’s like to start a new job, or be placed to another department with new faces and no names all around you. There are so much names to remember.

Well, you don’t have to be afraid that you will tangle them all anymore, because now you have ID cards, with the name and the face. It cannot get easier than that – you’ll identify people easily and escape awkward situations, like that time you had an entire conversation with one person about what happened to you at the mall, only to see that it was not Lauren who you were talking to, but Alice. Can anyone feel my pain here?

It’s been proved that those little cards improve the relationships from work, as they improve the morale of the stuff. It’s so much better to know who you’re talking to when you have a problem with names and faces – you’ll be more relaxed. It will automatically put the positive customer relationships in a company.

They provide additional benefits

You read that right. This applies especially when it comes to negotiating special deals or discounts with local businesses. This can mean that the employees can get special membership deals at gyms, shopping discounts, or discounted meals at different local restaurants. If you have that card, you can have access to the best deals your company offers you, and it’s easy for the other local businesses to identify the employees properly.

They keep the employees happy

These arrangements provide a really good method to give the staff of the company a push from behind, a thank you for your work and a happy attitude towards the place of work. Let’s not forget that the ID cards also have the role of being a very good marketing tool.

Make the most out of the magnetic stripe encoding

This way, you’ll restrict access to some buildings or even rooms for just some certain employees. Imagine having an emergency that you need to talk about with your best friend, who also works where you do. It’s the perfect thing to do to discuss your problem.

They can also be time cards

Did we mention that they also work as time cards? It makes it totally easier for all the employees of one company to “label” the working hours. You’ll know for sure who worked on a Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm, for instance.

You can also use them as a cashless payment system. They can be used to eat in the cafeteria, for example, and you won’t need to bring money or your bank credit with you.