Next innovations for dating sites

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with modern online dating services is how exactly the transition from online to offline is set and handled.

In the past years, people who were not experienced enough with such websites were pretty skittish and probably, their caution benefited themselves as they might have taken the advantage of those online dating platforms that helped them build some sort of a relationship with a person before going on the actual date.

Today, almost every grown-up remembers what a tremendous breakthrough online romantic dating used to be when it hit the world of dating in 1995. But before that moment most of us had to meet in more old-fashioned ways – out in grocery store, or your home phone number jotted down on a tiny piece of newspaper being ripped off the back of a toilet cabin door in some roadside bar.

17 years later, back in 2012, Tinder was invented and presented to the public. The service suggests you to pick a match based on looks at best and on the convenience of the match’s location at worst, making it proportionate to the modern booty call age we live in today. Since that time, we have not seen anything new. Well, except for some minor upgrades and fixes.

And that fact is pretty much embarrassing as we have all these hi-tech electric cars and some other ultra modern stuff, plus we should already be departing for Mars literally by next Friday, still in the hook-up industry, that is all we got for now. So, we’ve tried to lead some sort of an investigation finding out what the next innovations for online dating resources could be. Exclusively for Russian brides online dating website.

So what could the next big innovations be?

Friends to choose the match for you?

Maybe it would be that the best buddies of yours pick the dates they believe to fit you. If you’re a woman, just imagine your best friend pulling a fancy dress at a store for you that you would never even look at, but after a while, you’ve grown so fond of it that it actually became your favorite one you wear all day every day. However, some may say that is not too much of a real innovation.

A few online dating sites have already tried to employ user’s friends of friends, but that got quite creepy. In this way, some kind of social validation might go quite a long way if it can be accomplished in an appropriate way we want it to be. At the same time, many keep waiting to see if such idea will be a real deal or just not.

What if a new big thing everyone needs in dating is honesty?

A lot of online dating platforms’ users tend to believe online romantic dating is the original source of lame and fake news with many blaming those services for their current personal situations. And while it is not acceptable to lie on the online dating service while searching for a true love, many frauds and con artists would really love to do that. Then, all of a sudden, we are describing ourselves in details to complete strangers online with no second thought that the person might turn out to be a usual swindler.

Honesty really is the best policy. Traditional dating sites usually lead to messaging your possible match back and forth and waste lots of precious time, but there’s an alternative!

It’s a lot better to interact face-to-face, spontaneously, to get a better feel of what the other person’s personality is truly like. Video chat eliminates the deception that can happen when the person behind the screen is able to premeditate what to write and possibly deceive you about their physical appearance using old photos.

This way, you can see what they really look like and evaluate if you like them or not, instantly.

In this case, can honesty be the next real deal on the online dating scene? Are we just few steps away from actually admitting most of us are simply average-looking individuals with our own stronger and weaker sides? Your potential match could admit they would rather be around somebody average-looking mostly because being around a hot blondie or a Men’s Health cover model is too much of the pressure.

New standards of sharing personal info?

There’s no denial that tons of things still need to be upgraded. For instance, one needs a smarter way of making users tell the website or app what their interests and hobbies are without just filling out a form which looks more like an interrogation. Though we sort of got around this particular one to a great extent, there still remains a problem of trust: Does that very person really like that hobby or interest he/she has put in his bio?

Just think of all the amount of time we could save not having to wait for the fifth date when all the naked truth is finally revealed. Alright, so honesty could make it.

Better means of communication would be appreciated

Most (well, basically all) online dating sites do have way more men than women. So that on the average dating site, a pretty looking female who has not even completed her profile completely will often get tens to hundreds of responses a day while an average guy may get absolutely no response only because he can’t show his personality via the screen.

In such case, new fresh ideas are required to help people meet up rather than drowning in endless text messages all way back and forth.