Key components of the viral content

viral message

We may wonder how the article writer manages to create the viral post that drove thousands of visitors per day.

The word viral in this sense means quickly transferring via the Internet users the particular information, picture, video and gaining more popularity.

Or a material that is to be transmitted rapidly like a virus.

If you are a content creator for marketing or a blogger, this information is made for you. We have studied and analyzed the techniques used by the successful authors and want to show you the key components to bring the qualitative traffic to your blog.

Almost 50 per cent of businesses find it like as a baffling task to create compelling content. It is obvious since it demands the great attention to the details and a lot of time creating. Let’s think what things push the readers to be interested in the content and have the willingness to share with others. Looking at the nature of the viral post, you should follow two main requirements:

a) your work is to be worthy of being shared

b) to solve the specific problem or make something finer.

The psychological factors play the great role in drawing the people’s attention and here they are

1. Stimulate emotion.

When a post brings an emotional response to sympathy, humor, excitement, sorrow, it more tends to catch an eye and go viral. Let’s be honest, we all find it more appealing to read the articles containing interesting facts and written in a good literary language. This explains why video materials get ahead on its own. At the mercy of their emotions, people want to share the content with their friends.

A good example is a music video Gangnam Style that within a month became worldwide famous. The term as social currency determines this phenomenon. The tendency is popular with the people who want to look cool and feel good. They evaluate the content whether it is worth sharing in social networks with the following the discussion. And a person who is the initiator to share a scoop seems to be cool. Some of them even write about it and can’t help making the man of the hour part of the conversation by hashtags or something like this, thereby promoting your brand.

It might be not very important to you personally but an understanding of the visitor’s nature is a great benefit to your strategy of marketing.

2. Positive sense

There is a link between the number of views and the positive publications. They get the much bigger amount of feedback than those that cause negative feelings. People tend to trust what brings them joy and relief.

3. The excitement of surprise

Adding an unexpected turn will guarantee you an incredible rush of shares. It is mostly related to visual content and images.

4. Useful content in practice

Valid and needed post will always be circulated quickly.

In the recent years the experts determined that the headlines and content containing numbers, data and statistics have privileges and sound like safe.

To make your post more successful, place the social share buttons after the headlines giving visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with your sales funnel.

Good for the beginners to start from learning the experience of past viral contents and marketing specialists. What type of triggers the authors used.

You may fail many times before you become at the top of the ladder. Stick to the main factors that push your content go viral: make it helpful, gripping and functional. Give it a go!