KashFlow wins AIMS recommendation

The announcement follows a full evaluation of the software by AIMS to ensure that KashFlow meets the needs of its members’ clients.

Henry Ejdelbaum, AIM’s Managing Director commented: “We are impressed by the functionality and the reliability of the software having submitted it to a rigorous evaluation process. We see KashFlow appealing to those of our members who are acting for small businesses that have typically used spreadsheets to record their financial transactions.  Because KashFlow allows small business owners access to their books from any computer with an internet connection, it means that they are more likely to keep accurate records.”

KashFlow is increasingly being recommended by accountants to small businesses with turnovers of less than £500,000 that need an easy to use product. One of the key benefits of ‘cloud’ accounting applications lies in the fact that accountants are able to access their clients’ accounts online allowing them a more ‘hands on’ relationship where they can offer business advice, crucially, when it is most needed rather than 12 months down the line.


The system’s pedigree is evident from the awards it has won and includes the Software Satisfaction Award for the best small business accounting software package and also the best web-hosted accounting software package.

Duane Jackson, KashFlow CEO, commented on the news: “The AIMS network has an outstanding reputation and we are delighted that they will be recommending KashFlow to their members.

“Contrary to media speculation that accountants are not willing to embrace the ‘cloud’, in our experience they recognise the benefits of being able to offer their clients real choice between traditional accounting software and online applications.”