Why job seekers should be using temp agencies


If luck is on your side, then you might apply for a job and get hired in the same afternoon. In general, the job application process is a bit of a waiting game.

You have to put out lots and lots of feelers before you get a little nibble. Even after that, there isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a second interview let alone a job offer.

With Staff Heroes, job seekers are almost certainly guaranteed to find work, rapidly. Whether you’ve just been laid off and need a new gig to help you pay the bills, or you’ve just graduated from university, temp agencies are one of the very best resources for those who want to get to work.

You Can Be Choosy

The thing about working with a temp employment agency is that you are pre-qualified for each and every position you are offered.  If you are a great typist and have experience working in an office setting, you might get offered temporary and temporary to permanent positions in a number of fields. Although you may be eager to start working immediately, you are not required to take every gig that is being offered to you. Let the temp agency you’re working with know that you would prefer a job that offered certain hours, like a daytime shift, and then wait for something suitable to become available.

Get Hired at Your Dream Job

If you’re hoping to work at a particular company that you know contracts with temp agencies, becoming a temporary worker might just aid you in getting your foot in the door. Some dream jobs are harder to find and land than others. This is why temp agencies keep scores of workers on their rosters. Work anywhere from a construction company to a law firm, and get varied experience while you earn a sizable paycheck. Some jobs will only last a couple of months while others will last several years. Whether it is stability you are after or the chance to try out different things, get on with a temp agency that values your skill set.

Less Work for More Pay

When you go out into the world and attempt to get a job on your own, there is absolutely no telling where you are going to end up. You might apply for a back-of-the-house position at a restaurant and end up being hired on as a host. You may believe that your information technology degree is good enough to land you a job in a tech support role, but you could find yourself in the sales department making cold calls instead. Moreover, when you go on a job search on your own, you dedicate a lot of time. For each day that you scan the wanted ads and tweak your CV, you’re missing a day that you could be working and getting paid for it. Working with temp agencies enables you to always stay working, so you will always get paid more.

Shorten Your Unemployment Gaps

Job seekers can find themselves in a bit of a hairy situation if they’ve been out of work for several months without a good explanation. You could have been looking for jobs the entire time or have even taken off time from your last job to care for a sick relative. The problems start when it gets to the point that it’s been six months to a year without you having a steady job. Register with a temp agency and you will never get to the point of having large unemployment gaps on your CV.

If you struggle to make it through interviews successfully or just need to get a new job right away, temp agencies can be helpful. Remember that they want you to make a good impression on their clients, so they will help you to refine your skills. So, prepare to take some tests, work on your CV, and in a couple of days you might have a new job lined up.