How VR is set to take over the world in the next 12 months

virtual reality

There is no doubt that the real world is about to be taken over by the world of virtual reality (VR) in 2017.

One of the fastest growing trends in technology, the scope of VR allows almost every sector and industry to benefit in some way from its magic touch. From enhancing exercise, to revolutionising real estate, VR’s uses look set to really take off in 2017/2018.

VR Fitness

The fitness industry is one of the more obvious sectors to take advantage of VR. With the release of the Icaros machine, a piece of exercise equipment that makes use of VR in order to almost trick people into exercising. Gamers will strap themselves into the machine and navigate the virtual world, while in the real world their body propels forwards in exercise. Even the most reluctant to hit the gym will be slightly intrigued by the advancement, which sets to make exercise appealing for even its harshest critics.

VR Console Gaming

The console gaming industry is already testing the waters of VR, and as the technology becomes more affordable and more of a consumer must-have, the country will be swept up in the VR craze. Gaming is the obvious usage for VR – why not make the highly advanced graphics appear as though they are in fact the world around you. Call of Duty’s VR game in space received a positive reception and proves the sky really is the limit for the trend of VR.

VR Mobile Gaming

If Pokemon Go! is anything to go by, VR mobile gaming will have a huge following. Pokemon Go! experimented with mixing the real world with the fictional one – and the popularity was largely due to the interaction. If a VR game goes one step further and allows players to see VR elements in their real world, then VR really will take over the world.

VR Online Gaming

Even the iGaming industry is set to benefit from the technology, with NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest already receiving a prototype VR release. The original title can be played on Paddy Power Bingo, where players can deposit £5 and play with £40. The coup for iGaming, as well as the recent trend in live dealers and the webcam ability to see your own poker face, will only bring the sector more into the mainstream. Why leave the house for something that can be done better virtually.

Source: @ncstate via Twitter

VR Universities

Choosing universities no longer needs to be geographically restrictive – for the accommodation and campus at least. VR campus tours are the latest in a spate of examples of VR making life easier. Prospective students can make informed decisions on the campus and accommodation without having to travel – which puts further away places back on the table for those who discounted them due to expensive reconnaissance. There comes only a matter of time before lectures – now often live streamed for distance learners and for students to watch later on – will be VR-accessible. Imagine going to university full-time in a city hundreds of miles away!

VR Real Estate

Campus accommodation isn’t the only accommodation available through VR channels before physical ones. Real estate agents will have the ability to showcase properties to prospective buyers through the lens, before the buyer has even visited the neighbourhood. While choosing a home is more of a long term decision, buyers may be more likely to visit in person if they like what they see virtually.

VR Meetings

Once thought of as cutting-edge in the world of business, conference calls – and even Skype calls – are now old hat. But VR meetings – allowing members of the same meeting to feel as though they are really in the same room as one another – can really benefit the office. Companies can even order the same meeting snacks and drinks for each location, to really tie the meeting together and combine both the real and virtual world to give employees the true VR experience.

The Future of VR

In technology circles, VR is often referred to as a trend. But, unlike other passing fancies, VR is set to come and stay. The capabilities for VR haven’t even been fully realised, and once the general public have their eyes opened to what could happen in a VR world, nobody will look back. While the kinks are ironed out, the small waves of testing phases for each sector are the only glimpses of VR we can have – but VR is definitely here in the present to bring us into the future.