How understanding and learning Latin can help your career


Contrary to what most people think, Latin isn’t a dead language. The truth is, many industries still use it today.

Individuals who are working in any field related to law, religion, history, and science will surely agree since they encounter a lot of ideologies, terms, and phrases in Latin every day.

Contrary to what most people think, Latin isn’t a dead language. The truth is, many industries still use it today.

In general, learning a second language is beneficial for a person’s career. The common options include French, Spanish, and Mandarin. A resume that contains a second language goes a long way in improving your career prospects in many different ways. Fortunately, it’s now easy to find an online instructor and classes if you want to learn a new language.

It’s worth noting that professionals have started to turn their focus to learning Latin. Here’s why:

Demonstrates Your Affinity For Learning

Nowadays, not many people choose to learn Latin, and having it on your resume only indicates one thing – your affinity for history and learning. Potential employers love seeing language skills on a resume. Knowing a second language, such as Latin, will surely make you stand out and indicate that you’re well-learned.

A well-learned person is someone who has the potential to rise through the ranks since many companies now look for people who have a penchant for lifelong learning. It’s the reason why many professionals choose to earn an MBA and other master’s degrees. It makes sense because an affinity for learning demonstrates teachability.

But, how exactly does studying Latin imply being well-learned? This process opens you to a wide variety of literature. It, of course, enhances your learning experience by allowing you to appreciate works and books written in an age when English wasn’t the mainstay language.

Sharpens Your Mind

Studying Latin, just like any other foreign language for that matter, helps cultivate mental alertness. Hence, it’s an effective way to exercise your mind.

Any career requires critical thinking skills, and these are the specific skills you’ll develop when you study Latin. As you take on more options when you start trying to land a job, you’ll find critical skills useful. They help show your sharpness and ability to solve fundamental problems in the organization, which is very important to potential employers.

It also makes sense why learning a second language is even highly recommended for children. The process helps cultivate the minds of children, such that they get encouraged not only to think constructively but also to study more.

Improves Your Communication Skills

This especially holds for those individuals who have careers in academe and communication. Latin forms almost half the composition of the English language, so it’s true that nearly half the total words that you encounter each day have Latin roots.

By studying the Latin language, one can dissect and ascertain the real meaning of words. In other words, trying to learn Latin provides an intellectual inquiry of certain words’ etymological definition. Furthermore, it doesn’t only allow learners to study the subject scientifically but also makes them effective communicators in the workplace.

Because of its precision in the use of words, Latin is a language that focuses on making people better communicators. People who study Latin tend to be more accurate with whatever languages they’re using.

In today’s age, being a precise and efficient communicator brings several important benefits to an individual, especially in the work environment. Such a skill allows you to engage people with ease. You also become more meticulous about everything you say. Besides, it gives you a higher chance of succeeding in public relations, marketing, and even most corporate jobs. The most important thing is that it allows you to quickly and consistently bring your ideas forward.

Since people benefit from many foundational forms of grammar by investigating Latin, the study of this language also enhances the study of English grammar.

Improves Your Logical Ability

When working for any organization, you have to do your best to become an asset to your company. Your bosses should see and realize that they made the right decision in hiring you.

Your logic improves when you learn Latin. That said, you can also make more logical decisions. For every action or decision you make, you’re able to quantify the results better.

Learning the Latin language is difficult. Hence, doing so will be the best exercise to help you achieve exceptional deductive and logical reasoning abilities. It’s essential to note that industries, like medicine, business, and law, require the mastery of logic.


If you still haven’t realized it yet, knowing any foreign languages has quintessential benefits for anyone’s career. It’s especially crucial if you aim to work your way up the employment ladder. If the goal is to become the CEO or president of a corporation, for example, you’ll make many logical decisions. You’re also going to analyze and solve problems, as well as work with different people from different cultures and speak in public a lot.