How the Pandemic is changing everyone’s attitude towards financial institutions


Even in the face of the global pandemic, some states have chosen to hoard their financial abilities to help out businesses, prioritizing the economy over the safety of their own citizens.

Even in powerful countries like America, people are dying because they simply can not afford to get the help they need, meanwhile, the state is making sure to bail out companies and ensure their survival amidst the economic crisis.

While this pandemic has been great distress for the entire world, it has brought up the subject that most people have been ignoring for the past decade. The way the regular financial markets work and the way we are taught to make a second income and save money does not really work anymore. Even in the most heightened crisis situations like the ones we are experiencing right now the resources are being kept away from the people who need it the most, even though most country leaders like to state, this is a common threat that knows no boundaries and has no preference when it comes to its victims.

An undeniable shift

It all became abundantly clear when we started seeing outrage getting bigger in regards to what the government chooses to prioritize. Financial markets have been a mess ever since the outbreak started and despite the many efforts to contain it, the current challenges are making it increasingly difficult.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies that have remained somewhat unaffected by these events, largely because they can be managed from home, don’t require physical handling of the assets. But The main advantage of using cryptocurrency is that it is not directly affected by the political crisis or outbreaks like these and can be even more dependable than regular Fiat currencies.

There are companies looking to turn cryptocurrency into an inclusive industry providing help and comfort for those looking for the financial systems that do in fact prioritize the customer and value their needs.

Global Technology and Innovation is one of the companies trying to introduce a concept of  Universal Basic Income. Meaning that they want to offer an affiliate program to all of their customers that would use cryptocurrencies, the most innovative and fast way to make transactions. The company uses two crypto tokens, GTPLUS and GTFTA, that would help the user to base their financial situation off of regular currencies and the fiat market. The topic is explored in further detail in this whitepaper, where Global Tech discusses the different advantages Crypto has. But the concept is very intriguing and actually fits right in with the current zeitgeist.

This affiliate offer has the potential to keep growing and creating income even as the global challenges like COVID-19 are taking over the world. This is something that regular businesses and currencies can (and should) offer to anyone at this point.

But Global Technology and Innovation does not plan to stop there, with the ambitious plans to create an e-commercespace, where the aforementioned tokens can be used as purchasing power. There are already other businesses that are using GTPLUS to make transactions, one of the most mainstream ones being an Airbnb Spain where you can make your bookings by using their cryptocurrency GTPLUS. The company is also involved in a charity project, United Care for Life, a charity that focuses on UBI projects for African countries. A financial company that is so involved in the community feels like a breath of fresh air, but it also represents an essential shift that is bound to happen in the financial world, where those who provide these financial services will also be required to become more inclusive and provide support for the local and international communities. You can even get involved in crypto trading with this company and further advance your financial security by simply holding and/or trading GTPLUS and GTFTA.

Future of finances

The COVID-19 outbreak has really brought up the subject of ethics in the financial world. Whether we like to admit it or not, there isn’t a lot of consciousness that goes into financial transactions and systems these days, but this crisis might just be the necessary push to finally make that transition.

Global Tech is even working with “Life Balance Academy” to provide free educational webinars and seminars who don’t have the financial resource to afford classic education, and the company will soon provide the service of purchasing courses on a variety of topics.

The network marketing company is hoping to build an inclusive community of users, who will have access to the essential service that so often are not considered essential to traditional financial institutions.

This is a perfect time to start exploring alternative options on second incomes and all the potential that cryptocurrencies actually hold. This is not to say that cryptocurrencies are immune to any sort of disruption, but in times like these they can serve as a safety net and Global Tech wants to make this net as universal as possible.