How to turn your shed or garage into an office

Garden Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. The practicality, cost and time efficiency are all key factors that make not commuting to an office everyday all the more appealing.

When working from home it is beneficial to have a specific workspace to help with your productivity as well as allowing you to step away and have downtown, as working from home can easily provoke you to mix your work and personal life. One way to create an effective working environment is turning your shed into an office. UK retailer of quality concrete garages, sheds, workshops and garden rooms, Lidget Compton explain the steps to achieve this.


Before making the big change, you want to ensure that you plan out everything that you would like to have within your shed, you need to make sure you’re happy with the size of the property before any drastic changes are made. You will also need to consider if it is possible for the shed to be connected to electricity, should you need it and with that if WIFI is easily installable.


If you are getting a new shed then you will want to make sure it is robust, so that it will not only stand the test of time but will allow you to have comfortable working days. The type of material that makes up  the outdoor building should be considered when deciding which option is right for you, concrete garages from Lidget Compton are safe, secure and sturdy. If you have decided to use the shed you already have in your garden, then you should check that it is in good condition and in practical working order for you to be able to be in it all day.


As you will be spending hours at a time in your new office space you will want to make sure that it will be as comfortable for you as possible and if the room is too cold then that could affect your work productivity. Make sure the building is insulated properly, not only does this help maintain the temperature but it will also help keep it protected from damp. By insulating the walls, ceiling and floor it will take less energy to keep warm as well making it soundproof.


Working in a pleasant environment will make working in your shed or garage more appealing. Give your building a lick of paint. Not only will this make it look fresher it will also make your office have a more professional look, so should any customers or clients visit the space will represent your business  in a competent manner. Good lighting will also help you and allow you to work more flexibly should you need to work early morning or late at night. Also, you can prefer the Sheds Liverpool that make your landscape or outdoor space more attractive.


Lastly, to finish the transformation of your shed or garage to your new office, it’s time to furnish it. A desk and chair are usually the best pieces to start with, however you may want to consider storage options, such as draws, filers or cupboards to help you keep everything tidy and organised.