How to organise the perfect corporate Christmas party

Christmas parties can be the highlight of your company’s year. The perfect party is fun for everyone, while the worst ones become a drag on morale for the entire upcoming year.

Here are a few pointers on how to organise the perfect corporate event. We’ll also explain why these issues are so critical to your corporate Christmas party’s success.

Have Enough Space for Everyone and Everything You Want to Do

Decide what you’re going to do for your Christmas party and then determine how much space you need, based on the activities. Are you planning on having a buffet table laden with food? You’ll need more space than just standing room for all of your attendees. Do you want to have a mix of games and dancing in addition to general socialising? You’ll need yet more space since those activities need their own space. Are you going to invite partners and children of your employees for a family friendly event? You need a lot of space. If in doubt, find a different venue with more space than trying to cram everyone in.

Don’t Hold It in the Company Building

There are a number of reasons not to hold the Christmas party in your company. First, you aren’t going to make people work around the setup of the party, such as having to find another meeting room aside from the one you’re turning into a party room. Second, the event is simply more fun when it isn’t held right next to the piles of paperwork staff need to attend to. Third, you’re protecting the workplace from any shenanigans, whether it is spilled drinks, knocked over items or loud music bothering someone who is working late. Instead, choose a venue of appropriate size for your staff. Then no one has to worry about cleaning up the break room or large meeting room to be suitable for visitors Monday morning.

Pick a Date, Then Shop for a Venue

The hardest thing in most corporates is to select a date. Pick a date and time based on when most people are available. They’ll plan their work and personal schedules around that date. The logistics of how to get to the event is actually secondary to the scheduling.

And don’t expect to find a Christmas party location when you realise Christmas is four weeks away, especially if you’re in London. Start researching locations as soon as you can decide on a date and time, and you’ll find something that works for your crew. You’ll want to start doing this well in advance. Enquiring about venues online definitely makes things easier but you don’t want to compromise on quality. Consider booking your Christmas party venue with a company you can discuss your needs with in advance.

Consider the Menu

Consider the menu that you’re going to offer. If your budget won’t stretch to a site down dinner then consider a reception with canapés and snacks. The type of food that you decide to serve will depend on your company, but it’s always worth asking for input from your guests beforehand.

Remember to ask people about dietary preferences and requirements. If you have guests who have specific dietary needs, ensure some items meet their requirements. The same goes for food allergies; don’t let someone cook something in peanut oil without labelling it, risking the one person with food allergies going into shock. Don’t forget the vegetarians and vegans on your team either. You’ll want to arrange for several clearly labelled vegan and vegetarian options rather than ignoring them altogether and hoping they’ll find something they can eat.

If you want to set up the perfect Christmas party for your staff, make sure that you follow the few tips mentioned above. This way, you’ll be able to have a great night to remember and might actually boost the morale of your staff by building a closer bond between employees.