Smart remote desktop client for Mac

Apart from the fact that we don’t use the remote desktop software on an ongoing basis, we can’t deny that this is a must-have tool for every Mac user.

Firstly, the software allows you to enjoy an opportunity to work from anywhere. Secondly, it offers you an opportunity to tap into your Mac from any mobile device.

Jump Desktop for Mac is regarded to be the most reliable remote desktop app that can help users of Apple devices to connect to any PC (being far away from them). Jump Desktop is reconcilable with VNC and RDP and comprises many useful features that can simplify the work of users.

Several Reasons Why You Need to Hop on Using Jump Desktop

The program makes it possible to control a remote PC from iPads, iPods Touch or iPhones. The app is very easy to use, absolutely secure and has a streamlined user interface. Below, you can find the main reasons, why you should download this soft:

• Software installation is simple and fast. You won’t face any difficulties with configuration. To do this, you just ought to visit their official website, find the setup link and follow the installation guide. You’ll spend less than several minutes and the app will be installed.

• This is a true VNC and RDP client. If you have VNC and RDC configured on your machine, you aren’t made to install amplificatory software. To start using the software, it is enough to enter your hostname.

• Lots of effective options. The app supports the functionality, allowing you to utilize your Apple device to the max.

All benefits of this remote desktop app are already appreciated by thousands of Mac users. This is a high-quality tool, allowing you to enter your work computer, being at home and vice versa.

There is one aspect you should consider: the options as remote printing or audio streaming will not be available.

Overview of the Main Features Offered by Jump Desktop

Jump is endowed with a bunch of great options that will help you open any computer remotely. Here is the list of all features that will provide you with the remote access to your computer:

• This is a universal software product. Otherwise stated, it works on all Apple devices (iPhones, iPads or iPods)

• The app supports iOS multitasking (users can switch between different apps without the necessity to disconnect).

• Simple setup – you can connect to another device remotely through the use of WiFi connection. There is no need to change the settings of a router.

• HDMI and VGA support – the feature allows you to view a desktop on a big screen.

• The support of Bluetooth Keyboard Support.

• Three modes, allowing users to zoom the remote screen.

• Support for Multiple Monitors.

• Sharing of folders.

Except for these features, there are lots of other ones that you’ll definitely appreciate after you start using this program. If you are digging after software which can provide you with the extreme portability, Jump Desktop download is a simple process, especially if you already have Setapp subscription. If you are away on business and don’t want to take your Mac with you, you should see about the purchase of a worthy software product, providing you with the access to your Mac remotely. Jump Desktop performs this function well enough!