How can you and your pet start a business together?

Stanley Alvin

We all love our pets, but they can be difficult and expensive to keep. But what if your pet could earn their own income?

This is no more than just a dream, since there are ways to earn money through your pet, without having to put the animal through any pain or pressure.

Try these ways to earn money. It may take you a little while to see results but remember that hard work pays. Let’s have a look:

Let Your Pet Take Part in Shows

This is the easiest and most fun way to make some money. Pet shows are common all around the world. They mostly revolve around the cutest or smartest pet.

You must have a well-groomed pet for these shows. Plus, the eligibility criteria can also be tough at times. Gifts include free pet food and cash prizes as well.

Most pet shows revolve around dogs, but you may be able to find some that involve other animals as well.So, look around for a pet show your animal can proudly participate in.

Start an Online Channel

This is the digital era so why not try your hands at it? Your pet could be the next breakthrough star.

If you don’t believe us, search for Maru, the funniest cat in the world. With over 335m views, Maru is an online star and worth more than many of us.

And what about Choupette? The feline was the companion of Karl Lagerfeld’s, the famous stylist who passed away last month, and the cat who has its own Instagram account made $3.2 million just last year.

People love to watch pet videos and follow cute Instagram pages. If your pet is cute (well, aren’t they all?) then grab your phone and start recording. You do not have to invest in professional equipment or force your animal to do something unique.

Pets can be unpredictable and funny in a lot of ways. Be ready with your camera and know when to record.

However, it’s important that the videos are neat and properly edited. Nobody has the time to watch a 60-second video for 6 seconds of fun. Short and crisp videos do well.

You can put videos on YouTube and earn money through ads. Other than this, consider going all out and start social media pages dedicated to the animal.

They will not only help you promote the animal but can also bring you more advertisers.

Remember that it may be a while before the videos begin to generate enough traffic. Continue to upload original content with proper titles so that users can find them.

In the meanwhile, work on building your social media presence as well.

Try Your Luck at Races

If you have a horse, why not groom it to take part in horse races and maybe make a living out of it?

You win not only when your horse wins but also when people bet for your animal. However, it may take a little while to prepare your horse for such stiff competition.

The best option is to groom your animal since birth to take prepare in racing competitions.

Most racehorses belong to well-known breeds and can run very fast. However, speed is not all that a horse needs to win a race. The animal should understand what racing is about and how important it is to win.

Only many years of training can give good results. You will have to work with your animal daily.

Racehorses can be also very costly, and they also require huge maintenance. Therefore it may not be an apt option for everyone but if you have a good horse and a sponsorship, then do consider signing up for horse races.

Sell Your Pet Photos

If you are into photography, then consider selling pet photos. Websites like 500mx Prime and Shutterstock pay up to $100 for high-quality photos that are in demand.

Some pay a flat rate while some may pay a commission based on the number of photos sold. If all goes well, your pet could be the next big model and may begin to receive offers from modeling agencies as well.

Be a bit creative and present the animal in a unique manner.