Successful women take a lunchbreak

A study by Eventa, revealing the real regimes of hardworking women, has put to bed the notion early rises, minimal snacking and working through lunch are the key to success.

Instead, it found women’s lifestyles to be more balanced than superhuman, and here’s how you can ensure work doesn’t take over your life too.

1 – Treat Yourself

When it comes to snacking, binging on crisps and chocolate throughout the day clearly isn’t recommended. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking success means lettuce and rice crackers are your only options.

Although healthier choices, like fruit and nuts, were among some of the favourites for snacks, 70 per cent of those surveyed also admitted to tucking into treats.

Balance is crucial and there’s no need to feel guilty for caving into the odd indulgence if you’re in need of an energy boost. Not only will it curb your hunger, allowing you to control portion sizes at mealtimes and avoid overeating, but, in moderation, will boost your mood and productivity too.

If you’re watching your weight, switch Dairy Milk for 70 per cent – or higher – plain chocolate and limit yourself to a cube or two. This should limit sweet cravings, and has even been suggested to have health benefits.

2 – Take a Break

Despite numerous reports working through your lunch makes you less productive and has a negative impact on your wellbeing, more and more of us are working long days without taking a significant break. Uplifting to hear, however, is 56 per cent of the women surveyed regularly took time away from their desks.

Long hours without rest prove damaging to your productivity, causing energy levels to waiver earlier in the day. In addition, if multiple staff members aren’t setting time aside for themselves, it sets an unfair example to those wanting to break for lunch, causing them to feel like they can’t for fear of being conceived as less hard working.

Granted, a lunch break isn’t always possible when deadlines are tight or last minute tasks crop up, but where possible you should allow yourself at least 20 minutes to recharge. Encourage your colleagues to do the same; the best working environments are those where staff are refreshed and happy.

3 – Enjoy Downtime

Many of us have a misconception that minimal downtime equates to success, thanks to extended hours working. In reality, this will only lead to stress and eventual burnout.

Taking time out to do the things you enjoy most is crucial to reenergise and improve your productivity in the work place; and by downtime, we don’t mean reading a book on bettering yourself, we’re talking mindless television indulgence or a hobby you relish.

Three quarters of the women surveyed watched at least an hour of television a day and over a third watched the box for more than two hours. It wasn’t all news and politics either, with top choices including soap operas, reality TV – such as The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea – as well as Netlfix box sets, like Orange is the New Black.

A well balanced lifestyle is the key to success and, since likeable people are more likely to succeed, enjoying the little things will make your outlook positive and your air an optimistic and infectious one.

If you can’t take an hour, get into the habit of escaping your desk for a short time daily, allow yourself an indulgent snack every now and then and make sure you spend time out of work doing the things you enjoy most.