Hangover days and nap rooms: ten of the most unique UK office perks revealed

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More than 70% of employees say benefits other than salary would be a key consideration for a future job, and 60% say they would take a job with a lower salary for better benefits.

But what are the most unique office perks in the UK?

Analysing over a million job adverts, leading jobs search engine Adzuna has collated a list of the top ten most unusual employee perks currently on offer in the UK. So, what could you look forward to in your next job?

Hangover days

Ever got a little too drunk on a weekday and can’t face the thought of going in to work the next day? As a nation we lose over 17 million working days each year to alcohol-related illnesses2, but some companies actually offer their employees a number of at-home hangover days, so they don’t need to struggle at their desks. In particular, London events company Dice are well known for offering their staff four hangover days a year3.

‘Pawternity Leave’

The UK is a nation of dog lovers, and many companies allow employees to bring their four-legged friends into the office. However, some businesses across the UK actually offer their workers ‘pawternity’ leave, allowing them to take time off to look after and help settle in their new dog. Notable companies to offer this perk include brewery company BrewDog and food manufacturer Mars Petcare, who give their employees up to one week’s paid pawternity leave.

Netflix subscriptions

Another enticing office perk offered by some businesses across the UK is a free Netflix subscription for employees upon joining – just don’t go giving your password to anyone else! A number of companies offer this benefit, including several in recruitment and marketing.

Nap rooms

Many companies across the UK have designated nap rooms on-site, allowing employees to get some shut-eye while at work – within reason of course! Google has recently gone one step further, installing brand new £5,000 zero gravity nap pods in its HQ office4.

Hair and beauty discounts

Interestingly, a number of UK businesses invest in the appearance and upkeep of their staff; offering on-site hairdressers and beauty salons, or a discount to local hair and beauty salons. Skyscanner is a notable company that provides this perk, offering hair and beauty discounts at a number of local salons near their Edinburgh HQ.5

Christmas shopping days

A recent study found that 36% of Brits feel under intense stress at Christmas6. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed over the festive period and wished you had an extra day to get all your shopping done, you may be interested to hear that some companies in the UK offer their employees a paid day off in the festive period to go shopping! In fact, 130 listed jobs on Adzuna currently offer this festive perk.

Free food

Plenty of companies offer employees free fresh fruit or snacks, but there are an increasing number of businesses which provide free meals to their staff, especially those in the hospitality industry. In fact, there are currently 1,268 jobs listed on Adzuna that offer free meals to their employees, so you won’t need to worry about making a packed lunch again!


A perk that’s sure to appeal to plenty of potential employees, is free company holidays or travel credit to explore the world, which is offered by some companies, especially those in the travel industry. Accommodation provider Airbnb is one of the most famous companies to do so, providing each employee with £1,400 upon joining the company to travel the world!5

On-site medical care

Although company medical care is widely available, some companies go one step further and have on-site medical and dental care for their staff, so you don’t even need to leave the office to have a routine check-up. Law firm Allen & Overy champion this, and have an on-site GP and dentist at their London HQ.5

Language lessons

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a second language, then it might interest you to know that many companies provide free language lessons to their staff. Especially helpful in travel or hospitality industries, there are currently 167 job vacancies that offer this rewarding perk.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, commented: “Office perks really encapsulate the heart and soul of a business and show employees that they are valued. It’s interesting to see some of the most unusual job perks out there and consider which of them are a real draw for potential employees, or just a gimmick. Saying that, I don’t know of many people who wouldn’t want a hangover day every now and then – especially after an office party!

“When searching for a new job, it’s important to make sure that the job benefits don’t outweigh the job itself. Regardless of the perks, you must always ensure that you find the right job for you and your skills, so you’ll enjoy coming to work every day.”