Creating variety on your blog


Blogging can be tricky when it comes to variety. The main goal of most blogs is to find a niche that is very narrowed down.

Specific topics easily attract readers that have the same interest. Most sites that focus on building a blog start out by telling you to be very detailed with your subject matter.

There are some situations, however, that call for a bit more variety in content. It is important that you evaluate the type of blog you are planning before you make this decision. There are a few wide subjects that do well. If this sounds like you, try these tactics for adding variety.


Sometimes people log into a site to see what is going on in the world. This may sound like a job for an online magazine, but a blog can offer a more desirable approach.

A blog is more interactive than a news site. You can take trending news topics and share your opinion or offer content that combines different perspectives of the same story. You may even be able to research different sites and bring the daily interests together in one place.

A good informative blog gives people something useful to read in a short period of time. Think about a businessman catching up on new while drinking his morning coffee. On a blog, he an also comment and read what other readers have to say. It then becomes a daily habit for him and the other members of your blog community.


Bloggers often give their opinion on many things. If you offer reviews of things like restaurants or entertainment venues, you have a natural source of variety.

You can easily spend time around your town and add something different each week. In-person experience also gives you an outlet to show your personality. You can keep your content varied by adding different takes on your adventures.

Go to a restaurant with your kids and give a review from their point of view or try some fine dining. People looking to find out more about a specific town may vary quite a bit.

You may have parents planning a vacation, or college students preparing for a move. Offer something for everyone.

Ask your Readers

Blogs cater to the demands of their readers. You already know they have an interest in what you have to offer, now find out what they suggest. Send out a social media request for blog post suggestions. You may get ideas that are incredibly interesting.

Take the time to respond with the top three that you have chosen each week, perhaps. This way people have something to look forward to. While its great to keep most blogs very specific, sometimes readers need a little change.

If you are new to blogging and preparing for launch, check out a quick tutorial for creating your new blog.

Blogging is straightforward, in most cases. You can usually tell when you need to change things up a little bit. Your community of readers may be less responsive, for example.

Add a little variety to keep them interested. If you have a broad list of interests and want to share them, find a way to incorporate them into a single blog. Some people enjoy reading on a variety of subjects all in one place.