Five signs you should invest in an educational start-Up

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Are you looking for a business to invest in? How about a real combination of utility and income? Have you ever taken a look at education? Yes, indeed. 

This sphere does not seem to be very profitable or promising at first, but it is definitely worth your attention:

  • Innovative education is our future: the modern world requires constant skill improvement, so studying will last for the whole life if a person wants to stay professional.
  • The Internet removes all limits: with it, education becomes more affordable for a wider layer of community. Fully online universities do not belong to futurism anymore, but an overall niche is pretty empty.
  • Progress helps directly: more and more specific skills appear every day. It means more people will require special education and convenient platforms for it.

This is only a minor part of all advantages of educational startups. Many startups try to sell educational help. You can find lots of sites where people can order essay writing services of various complicity.

Now we will take a look at five features that will help you to identify something original and trustworthy.

Prediction Wins

Being an investor gives you definite tasks. One of them is identifying the potential of a startup. Think if the considered project will be useful for people. Will it stay useful in 5, 10 years? Actually, this advice works with all startups. It is a little bit sharper and more relevant for education, as it changes very fast. 

Do not chase a bright wrapping if it does not contain knowledge. If an inventor does not provide you with a detailed plan of development and perspectives, a business plan, in general, this startup is not worth your attention.

Originality Attracts

This sphere is full of educational software companies with a lot of various inventions. That is why something original can be more perspective. Think, what technologies will be in use in some time and what startups will be connected with them. For example, now we can see the fast development of artificial intelligence and neural nets. 

An automatic live translator appears in connection with them. It can read a word through a camera and translate it immediately. Try to guess how new technologies will connect with education and meet companies that try to realize it.

Country Means Much

This rule is acceptable for many businesses, andeducation startups are not an exception. When you choose software or business to invest in, a country should have a good environment for development. In the world, such countries as the US, China, Israel, Belarus, and Ukraine are well-known leaders in software development. Countries with bad economic and educational background are less likely to produce promising startups. Check the origins of every startup.

Big vs.Small

What to choose? A promising startup from a trusted corporation or a small dark horse? There is no definite answer. A big company means more guaranteed income and a small company can make you really rich.Risks for the investors are always present. So, the choice is up to you – to join big educational companiesor help with starting a new one.

Wide or Narrow?

What to choose? A company with many startups or a company concentrated on one project? This is a complicated question as well. A wide educational company can combine startups and give birth to new ideas. A one project company will care about it better, as it will spend all available resources on it. 

In the future of the education sphere, such a company can develop a good product used by a narrow circle of professionals. A wide company will cover a wider education marketbut is not likely to develop a product for specialists. The answer refers to your personal preferences as well.

A Set of Useful Tips

Top educational startups of all times had many distinctive features. Note them to use in your investment searches:

  • Unique software: such companies as ABBYY created a unique separate dictionary for Windows with own file extensions for dictionary files. They did not depend on anything.
  • A good educational startup must have a friendly, unique and pleasant mascot and brand. Education is not a very pleasant action, so it has to attract people. Take a look at LinguaLeo, for example. This pretty application spreads foreign languages through children.
  • A successful education startup is convenient. Do you know a service called TED? This is a service where you can watch various educational videos. It is better than YouTube because there you can trust the material and find exact information easily.

So, this is it. These are the main features you need to consider before making your investment. If you manage to find a startup meeting at least a half of the criteria listed in this article, it will be successful in the education sphere.

Bio for Jeff Blaylock
Jeff Blaylock: an author obsessed with education and news turning around it. He wrote many articles helping people and supplied them with useful tips and advice.