The challenges of mobile app development


But what goes on behind the scenes of app development by sites such as Developing an app for a mobile device presents unique challenges when compared to designed for laptops or desktops. What are the problems web developer’s faces when coming up with new mobile apps?

Dealing with the small screen size

When compared to the size of a laptop or desktop screen, it’s easy to see how developing for a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet can pose some interesting challenges. To put it into perspective, a typical laptop screen can be as small as 13 inches, which is large compared to 3 inches for the standard mobile screen. To make everything fit, developers have to make decisions about what is necessary for the app to function and what can go. Developers for desktop applications can be much less judicious.

Create apps that will work without a mouse

As most of us know, apps for desktops and laptops are usually created to be navigated by mouse or trackpad. Mobile apps on the other hand, have to be able to be navigable with the user’s finger. The user interface has to be designed with this distinction in mind, which includes considerations such as larger-than-usual interaction points to make navigation easier.

Storage and memory concerns

Most mobile apps don’t have much memory, or hard drive space. Because of that, mobile app developrs have to keep these limitations in mind when they are creating apps, whereas these things are not as much of a frontline concern for developers of apps for desktop or laptop computers.

Layout and workflow

Once again because of the limited screen size, mobile app developers have to b e able to create in a way that allows for a seamless navigation system that flows from screen to screen, as opposed to being able to put everything on one screen in a traditional desktop app.

Overall user experience

The reality is this: If your app doesn’t provide a good user experience, they won’t use it. With so many choices available, users will simply move on to another option they like more. Add to that the fact that your lost user will likely spread the word about their bad experience, and you can see how a bad experience for one user can quickly have a trickle-down effect

These are just a few of the challenges faced by mobile app developers. There are others, of course, but this gives an overview of the kinds of unique issues these developers face in thee normal course of business.