Review: The Cheat Code

9781101904961Using Cheats instead of chapters, Brian breaks down his abundance of knowledge into straight talking, bitesize pieces, cutting through the statistics and quotes that usually pad out business books such as these, making it a pure block of knowledge for young aspiring entrepreneurs.This book often consists of his background and past experiences, making him relatable and extremely motivating. Past decisions and thought processes allow us to understand reasons behind his choices and tips of the trade while somehow spinning the harsh realities into page turning humour.By interpreting the meanings behind many house hold phrases such as “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” allows these tips to be difficultly confused and easily remembered as everything he writes has a direct purpose.Wong creates his own rules and giving a fresh new outlook on how to ‘get noticed and get ahead’. His publication features four main pillars to get a leg up on the competition, including; Be Ballsy, Be Yourself, Be Unforgettable and Be A Trailblazer. These are the file names for the documents of Cheat Codes about to come your way.