Bookshelf: SPEAK (so your audience will listen)

A revolutionary new communications skills book, SPEAK (so your audience will listen), by actor Robin Kermode, has been launched to help business executives build their confidence, improve their public speaking skills and develop the way they interact with their clients authentically on a one to one basis

Available at Amazon in hard copy, Kindle and audio book formats, the book, with its seven simple steps to confident and successful public speaking, is an easy-to-use guide for anyone in business who wants to become a confident and polished presenter.

In the book, Kermode, one of Europe’s leading communicators and a successful actor for the last 25 years on stage and on screen, provides innovative advice on how to build authenticity when you present, drawing on all his professional performance techniques.

With its uniquely accessible format, the book outlines different approaches to different presentation scenarios, from the boardroom presentation to the job interview and there are lots of inventive exercises for readers to try. Kermode recommends simple but highly effective exercises at the end of every chapter – from clenching your buttocks to stop presentation nerves, to specific tongue exercises to help clear articulation.

Broken down into seven digestible areas: confidence; connection; nerves; voice; body language; structure and delivery, this book deals with a whole range of communications issues and offers relevant and practical advice, all aimed at helping anyone who has ever turned to jelly when faced with an audience.

Commenting on the new book, Kermode says, “In today’s digital age, the art of communication is more important than ever. Whether you’re a CEO presenting to shareholders, a manager trying to motivate your team or a parent speaking at your daughter’s wedding, connecting on a human level with your audience is vital.

“This book will give you the tools and techniques you’ll need, not just for public speaking events, but for one to one meetings and social events too. Along with lots of relevant advice, there are practical exercises at the end of every section to try. By following these hints and tips, you will improve the way that you connect with everyone, both in and out of the work place”.