Book shelf: Getting (More of) What You Want

Neale and Lys’ latest book Draws on the latest research in psychology and behavioural economics, and shows readers how new behavioural models allow negotiators to move past the outdated win-win approach and find the most advantageous outcome for each and every negotiation.

Whether colleagues, superiors, spouses, friends, or even dreaded estate agents negotiation is present in almost every social interaction. Find out: when to negotiate and when to walk away; how to know what a good deal is; when to make the first offer and when to wait; the difference between aspiration and expectation; and why meeting in the middle can be the worst of all possible deals.

Drawing on three decades of ground-breaking empirical research, Getting (More of) What You Want reveals the counterintuitive methods used by successful negotiators to get everything they want – and more.

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