Book Review: The Curve

Described by the Financial Times as ‘colourful, fluent and arresting’, ‘The Curve’ provides a recipe which any business can lucratively exploit, which focuses on building relationships with your audience and your fans, who’ll want more of what they love. Therefore, ‘The Curve’ could potentially be the key to mastering online commerce.

With titillating stories ranging from musicians and artists to gaming and flour companies, ‘The Curve’ offers a way to connect with people, and make them happy to pay for the very best that you have to offer, creating a new way of doing business in the meantime.

This collection of stories and case studies outlines a thoughtful and perceptive guide to the new rules for making money, whilst simultaneously turning your casual followers into full-blooded superfans.

A stimulating and interesting read, it is no surprise that ‘The Curve’ has been labelled as a ‘must-read’, and it is fully deserving of its place amongst the Sunday Times books of the year.

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