Best ideas for small businesses in the UK for 2019

Starting your own business is never easy, especially in the market of today.

But still, there are as 80% of people who have a small business in the UK who claim that being your own boss is the best way to go.

It is a decision that they have never regretted making and one which has brought them success and, frankly speaking, a lot of money.

But, if I want to start a small business in the UK today, what should I choose doing? The options are actually plentiful and there are many ways you can advance. It always helps to be original and come up with an entirely new concept. But sometimes these innovative concepts can be risky ventures as it takes some time for them to become popular.

So if you want to tackle on something already proven and something that people are already doing, here are some ideas for starting your own small business in the UK now.

Sell Plant Based Food

The recent big craze in the UK is #plantbased! Meaning that everyone is interested in eating healthy and consuming homegrown, plant-based foods. So why not take advantage of this trend and use it to make some money.

Growing your own food and selling plant-based food items is a great idea for a small business. It doesn’t require much to start and the return will be overwhelming. Also, utilize the fact that people today have changed their diet to being vegetarian and vegan. These are your main customers.

Open a Flower Shop

You wouldn’t believe how lucrative a flower shop business in London may be. It sounds ludicrous for some, but these kinds of businesses have lifted off in recent years. Take for example this flower shop in London. Many similar flower shops in the city started off as small businesses with probably two workers. Not they are legitimate businesses that sell a lot of flowers each day.

There are more occasions for flowers than you may think. You give flowers for good things (anniversaries and celebrations) and you give flowers for bad things (funerals). The bottom line is that you may never run out of customers.  

Create Stuff at Home

If you are a creative person who needs a way to express their artistic side, there are ways for you to do that and earn money. Selling homemade items have gotten a lot of people interested now. If you look at through the current businesses in the UK, especially in London, many of them are successful because they are unique and creative.

You can make all kinds of decorative items like pots, jars, vases, clothes, ornaments, etc. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. A great advantage is that you may not even need a real brick and mortar shop, you can do everything from your home. Start with a social media profile for your business where you can advertise your items and sell them online.

Recycling and Cleaning

After an alarming episode of Blue Planet II, which recently aired on BBC, a lot of people have started to realize what we are doing to our planet. It mostly starts with single-use plastic items which end up in the sea becoming a part of a larger dump of garbage which ends up in the ocean. So the best way to help yourself and the world is by opening a cleanup or recycling business.

Make sure that you focus on plastic the most. Recycling programs or a business which collects plastic and gets rid of it in an eco-friendly way is a great idea. People will very much appreciate the effort of you doing that and you will manage to develop your business really fast.


Gaining advantage of lifestyle trends is a great chance to start a business. Getting on a hype train early on is a good way to develop a business fast and get a lot of customers. One such trend is Kintsugi, which is a 15th-century Japanese art form of making things beautiful.

You actually take old items, whatever they are, and make them beautiful again. Essentially, you are refurbishing and selling those items later on. The best way to do it is online as you will make more attention that way and gain popularity really fast. 2019 is also bringing back upcycling and circular economy back and is one of the reasons why this form of business is more than likely to work.

High End Pet Care

There are a lot of luxurious homes in London with pets. These are not your usual types of pets, they can be viewed as high-end pets. And they do need care… A lot of it actually. This is something that owners cannot do all the tame as they do not have enough free time to do it. So they need somebody who can give the same or at least similar affection to their pets while they are not around.

Here is where a high-end pet care business comes into play. It is easy to do and the only thing that you need is to love dogs. You can walk them or you can keep them inside your apartment during the time that they are left to you.

Make sure to refurbish your apartment to make it meet the requirement that these pets need. You can take the dogs for walks in some of the most iconic and luxurious places in London and enjoy your day. It is a kind of a business that it taking off in recent times and it does not require you to invest much in it to start.