Best holiday locations when you still need to get work done

iPad on beach

The last thing any of us really want to do is work while we’re on holiday, but when it comes to our jobs, sometimes getting a break can mean keeping up with important tasks anyway.

With the increasing adoption of remote working as an option for employees, more and more people are working from home so why not take your work with you and see the world while you’re doing so? So whether you opt for applying for an ESTA to go to the USA, or you stay closer to home in the UK, we’ve got a list of the best holiday locations for a good balance of work and play for your next holiday!

Chicago, USA

If you’re looking for a city filled with activity but with just the right dose of business atmosphere, Chicago is it. There are an incredible tech industry and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which both double as not only inspiration to work, but sights to see too. Start your trip by checking into one of the many high-class business hotels in the city, including the Silversmith Hotel Chicago Downtown or Loews Chicago Hotel for incredible views of Chicago. Then, once you’re done with work for the day, you can venture out into the vibrant tourist-friendly city and its incredible architecture and art scene!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is another city that holds a perfect balance of business and pleasure. You could set up in the Corcovado Christ the Redeemer café for a bite to eat while you work and of course, on the way up you can take full advantage of the photo opportunities with Brazil’s most famous statue. The city also plays host to some incredible beaches, so if you’ve really had enough of catching up on things back home, you can do a spot of sunbathing while the sun’s out! Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s media hub and plays host to some of the largest corporations in South America too, so you’re certainly in good company here!

London, England

If there was ever a business destination worthy of a weekend break, London is definitely it. You can enjoy every sight and sound the city has to offer for tourists and visitors and then set up in a café or restaurant and look completely natural while you get your work done! There are countless multinational companies to walk amongst and with the main industries being financial services, tourism, manufacturing, media, creative services and technology, you’re likely to be right at home here.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the perfect destination for those with more creative job titles, but for those in tech, tourism and financial services, there’s plenty here for you too. Dublin very much mixes the old and new and a simple stroll through the city can take you past traditional bakeries and modern FinTech companies both. Once you’re done with work, there’s pubs and restaurants galore for you to enjoy, or you could opt for taking a walk and seeing some of the best sights the city can offer, not least including Dublin Castle, Dublin Writer’s Museum and, of course, the Guinness Storehouse!

Of course, you could also opt for booking a beach holiday and setting up on a sun lounger with your laptop or tablet, but for the sake of being in the middle of the action while also getting to play tourist and get the much-deserved break you need, a city break to any of the above could be a great alternative!