Three tips for managing your business online

So you’ve set up your business, gone through the hassle of finding funding, possibly even obtained a small business loan or received a merchant cash advance.

Now, you’ve got to focus on the success of your business. Any business owner today knows that an online presence is key to a successful business.   Below you’ll find tools such as this HR software and tips that will help you understand and optimize how your business looks and performs online.

Google Analytics

Google Analytic (GA) s is one of the most reliable and widely regarded tools for online performance. The platform allows you to instantly review the success of your most powerful online asset– your website.

Why Is It Useful?

It’s free to use, and it’s easy to understand. The tool can help you do the following:

  • See your audience
  • Understand how visitors are getting to your website
  • See what visitors are doing when they are on your site
  • Record any conversions, such as sales/contacts/downloads

The data obtained from GA can help shape your online business, see what pages visitors spend the most or least time on and much more. With GA, you can obtain extremely valuable information free of charge.

You can create a Google Analytics account for your business here.

Social Media Management Tools

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is time, and managing social media accounts takes time. That’s where social media management tools come in. They connect seamlessly to your social media profiles and enable you to view, respond, and schedule posts across all of your social media channels with ease.

Why Is It Useful?

Social media management tools allow you to plan your posts in advance and schedule them for a future release date, which is a huge time saver for business owners. They also allow you to track what people are saying about your business online. Additionally, they can help you to identify opportunities for engagement with people who might not already be connected to your brand.

Top Picks

Some of the biggest names and links to their sites are listed below. All of these tools come with different plans, pricing, and benefits.

Email Marketing

There are many people who believe email marketing is dead – it isn’t. In fact, email marketing can be a powerful online tool that can result in more business, better customer interactions and increased revenue at a very low cost to you.

There is a whole range of email marketing solutions that will help you manage your email marketing with ease. They are easy to set up, and all you need to do is import your list of emails and contacts to the platform. Then, your email marketing activities can begin.

Why Is It Useful?

Email marketing software helps you create clean and aesthetically pleasing looking emails. They also come with built-in tracking codes that can provide you with details about who is still engaged with your brand, who is responding to emails, and who could potentially be interested in a product or service that you are offering.

Top Picks

There are many different email marketing software solutions, and the ones listed below were highlighted recently as the top email marketing solutions for small businesses in 2018:

By implementing the above tools and tips to your business, you could see a significant increase in both your awareness and your focus, as well as positive results from your online performance.