Steps to avoid Writer’s Block

We have all come
accross the expression “Writer’s Block” at some point in our lives, but what
does this really mean? In fact, is there even such a thing as writer’s block,
or is it just a myth?

What if I told
you for a fact that writer’s block does not exist at all? Its true! I have come
up with a few simple steps to help you on your way to avoiding writer’s block.

I have worked
with many businesses over the years as a publishing consultant and book coach
and one of the most common problems is the lack of a good plan.

Most writers are
so eager to set off armed with lots of great ideas, and often they do not have
a watertight plan. Some don’t think that a plan is even important to their
writing process but the truth is, by consciously planning out your story it’s
guaranteed that you’ll be speeding through the chapters faster that you ever
thought possible. Failing to produce a good plan will waste you valuable time
and energy.

Make sure that
you are getting into good habits. By establishing a habit of writing for two
hours a day rather than five or six hour stretches you’ll ensure that you stay
fresh, keep your concentration and won’t run out of steam. Sometimes what you
think of as writer’s block is just being tired!

Also, I would
recommend that you take a good look at the resources that are available out
there, as there are several things you can do from home which can help you on
your way to writing your book. There are products and services out there which
can help you through the writing process and even ways that prevent writer’s
block.  Just get in touch if you need

Don’t let reasons
like having no time or money derail you. I have worked with people who have put
off their writing, and then finally do it, and have gone on to make £100,000 of
business as a direct result. I would highly recommend that writing a book
should be very high on your agenda before the end of the year.

So overwhelm your
fears and doubts and follow these steps to help you overcome writer’s block!