Improving your website SEO

Having something for your audience to link with means they can then be pushed to go back to your site. Rankings are influenced by strong social signals. The Google algorithms pick up on the push towards the level of engagement with your audience.

It’s not just about using keywords now, Google has become clever about how it ranks sites, and you can’t cheat the system anymore. It’s all about how much people can share – this is why social media is so important. A lot of additional traffic will come to businesses through social networking. LinkedIn is great for making connections and Facebook and Twitter are good for linking people back to your site.

At the end of the day, it’s the same network you’re dealing with. Twitter is about engaging with customers to point them in the direction of campaigns, promotions and offers.

It’s a cycle of getting the customers to engage so that they come back to you time again and it really pays off.

If you are really trying to put subject matters together to get out there then it really opens up your eyes as to how customers perceive you and what they want from you. By engaging with them it’s a real win for businesses if they can get their social networking strategy right.

What benefits businesses no end – SEO wise – is the code base on which our sites are built. In terms of what lies behind the pretty facade of a site, it’s important for the back end of the site to be well structured and coded so Google can pick it up. A good content management system can really improve the rankings.

When you have got the combination of a great website with good coding, and people looking after the SEO side of things you’re onto a winner. It’s our job to convert the traffic so we have beautiful design and an on-brand interface and customers just have to go “one, two, three”, and buy that product.

Things such as allowing user reviews on sites are massively important when it comes to converting visits to sales. You have to look at how to generate more traffic and that’s not an easy thing to do these days. I think one of the best ways to create more traffic is by having an aggressive pricing strategy and being extremely reactive.