How flexible office space in Gateshead can help your business thrive


As the number of entrepreneurs grows, so do the number of options that they have in their disposal.

Flexible office space in Gateshead offers many advantages than having to build your own office from scratch.

In this article, we check out the benefits of using a flexible office space and why it’s the best thing that you can do for your company.

Save on Overheads

Setting up an office requires a massive capital cost to purchase or lease computers, furniture, and fittings. Not to mention having to contact providers for utilities and maintenance. You’ll also have to equip your office with necessary amenities and make sure that there are bathrooms that work correctly.

Getting a shared office, like Aidan office space, is usually a better idea because the necessary furniture is already laid out for you and the fittings are already complete. All you have to do is move in and pay the fees. In the long run, outfitting an office might be a good investment in many years; it allows you to save money.

Here are more reasons why getting a shared office saves you money:

  • If you had leased out an office, you get commercial grade internet and telephone, backup generators, and a host of other options that you don’t have to pay for individually.
  • You don’t have to pay for space that you’re not using. Common areas are usually part of the package price already. Most spaces will not even try to lock you into a contract.

If you’re looking for great value and affordable overheads, flexible office space is a way to go.


A shared office space allows you to have upscale amenities that are prebuilt into the packages that they have. Flexible office spaces can provide board rooms, private meeting areas, full pantries, and at times, even free refreshments, such as tea or coffee.

However, they don’t only take into account traditional office amenities, but they also take into account amenities that are purposely built for the well-being of your employees.

Expenditures like a shared common area where you can hot desk are not things you can implement on the fly. There are some spaces that even give out massage services. These extras benefit both you and your employees because they get to take advantage of a myriad of amenities of no extra expense to you.

In light of this, your team feels more motivated to work, resulting in more productivity. Your staff will have a lot more variety in their work life. It has a chance of enhancing your company culture as well. Remember, a great working environment is as crucial as the pay.

Scalability Options are Great

The economic climate is always changing, and innovation is still in the air. This uncertainty means that your business could either scale up or down, depending on the market. Flexible office space in Gateshead allows you to scale down if you need less space, and it also allows you to scale up.

Scaling down is always easier than scaling up in a business because it’s just a manner of moving assets around and letting go of space. However, scaling up can be difficult, especially if you need fitted areas quickly.

You’ll need to go through the process of acquiring additional equipment, leasing out more commercial space, and getting a large amount of cash to maneuver. Flexible office spaces allow you to increase the size of the company by simply requesting for more space.

All you’ll have to worry about is hiring extra employees to handle the excess workload. As mentioned earlier, paying for the additional space is always going to be less expensive than having to go out and put up an office from scratch.


Setting up an office is no easy task. Getting the paperwork to lease out a commercial office space is often a long-winded process. It involves getting permits together, filling out numerous forms, and it takes some time to complete these tasks correctly. In addition, you have to design the area, source out the furniture, and wait for office supply deliveries to come in.

The beauty of a flexible office space is that you get the furnished space that you need without the additional paperwork, setup, time, and effort. All you have to do is apply for a flexible office space package and move in. It’s that simple!


Being able to move into a fully functional office whenever a need to expand or startup arises benefits any businessperson who wants to expand their operations. And, it also ensures that budding entrepreneurs can get set up quickly.