Free business helpsite gets feature facelift

The growth of a UK based worldwide forum has led to an expansion of its features, now including the use of Podcasts, member-generated blogs and articles, and the inclusion of key national and international business event information to its already successful interface.
Small to medium business from countries all over the world, including Fish4Jobs, MarketSafeUK, have contributed to and benefitted from the creation of a business to business forum intent on cutting out the costs of sales and marketing consultancy, with more than 6450 posts submitted since launching officially just 7 weeks ago.
Sales and marketing consultancy costs the average SME hundreds if not thousands a year, but through using experienced business professionals and beginners alike can discuss and advise each other on general business sales and marketing related topics, cutting out this cost all together.
The site is now receiving over 27,000 unique hits a month, with the user base growing by more than 1% each day thanks to recent coverage on regional radio stations across the UK, regional news coverage and word of mouth.
Stephen Gullidge of believes that has helped his business develop, and said,
“The new features are sure to be a huge hit with the community, as many of us will now be able to help others through our own blogs and podcasts, linking back to our sites which will increase our traffic and awareness of our respective brands. It is a great way to give a growing community a voice, and groundbreaking as far as I’m concerned.
“The forum is not only a great place to meet likeminded people, but also get sound business advice from those in the know through experience: business people themselves. Dave, the owner of the site has been a great source of knowledge for me, and has really helped me identify key marketing opportunities that I would never have thought of if I had not been a member of the site, and all for free.”
Marketing Consultant Dave Paget is the founder of the website, and ascribes the success to the money-saving capabilities. Dave said,
“Our exciting new features further the feeling of community, enabling our members to add new resources for other companies looking to improve in their field of expertise. In a congested market-place, new and established businesses are always looking for ways to develop. Instead of these businesses working against each other, they are now creating a business community reliant on each other, which is an ethos I am proud to have helped create but most of it is down to our users.
“The members range from one-man band businesses to larger companies looking to expand, but they all have one thing in common – the need to cut costs. Successful business sales and marketing tactics for one company may work across sectors for another, with SalesandMarketingForums providing the community based bridge to the corporate gap.”