Starting A Suit That Fits

However, I’d like to start by introducing myself and my business idea for those who are new to me and new to the A Suit That Fits story.
Prior to starting A Suit That Fits, I graduated from Imperial College London, in Computing. I then joined my brother in starting up a recruitment company in Cambridge. I left to pursue my interest in systems and software, working in IT for a leading recruitment company and quickly graduating to becoming IT manager. Although I enjoyed my job, I really wanted to start something new and make a big impact.
I started A Suit That Fits with Warren Bennett, an old school friend. Warren and I went to school with each other between the ages of 13 – 18 (Warren was chief provider of homework for me to copy so we knew we made a good team!).
After we’d finished school and graduated from university, Warren went on to pursue numerous gap years – including China, Africa & Nepal. He had suits made in each one of these locations. He absolutely loved the experience of choosing fabrics and styles, but had variable experiences with the quality of the final product.
In Nepal, Warren volunteered at the HVP school. There he taught English and Maths. While he was there, he was introduced to a fantastic family of tailors who made him a great suit.
It was when I was still working as an IT manager of a large company that I met with Warren following his return from Nepal. He was wearing an awesome suit, but it had some very large flared trousers that weren’t quite to my liking! I then started to discuss with Warren the possibility of being able to design your own suit online and, within minutes, the concept of A Suit That Fits was created it was quite the eureka moment; I was already looking forward to designing and ordering my very own suit online! The overall concept was to get everyone A Suit That Fits – fitting your frame, personal style and budget.
We quickly realised that people wanted to visit an expert when choosing their suit – it was then that our business model truly developed. We began developing branches whereby customers could come and visit a Style Advisor who would take their measurements and advise them on the style of their suit. We now have 25 locations nationwide and store customer’s measurements on our database so they can re-order their new suit on-line for their convenience.  
I look forward to sharing my business experiences with you through these blogs on Business Matters as we go.
Whilst i can’t make promises, if you any questions please post them in the comments below and i will do my best to answer them or give you my take on any problems you might have.