The best small business apps in 2018

If you’re running a small business, it involves wearing a lot of hats. So, it’s important to increase the productivity and organization and have applications that can help you stay on top of things.

Now a day’s, mobile apps are changing the face of small businesses! They are becoming more important and more powerful that can help your business run more smoothly.

If you don’t have time to start research to find your perfect app, a readymade list is here just for you. This will help you to narrow down, to find out what is necessary for your needs. Online casino UK has put the list of best mobile apps together to help you choose the right apps for your small business. Happy hunting!

Let’s get started,

Best app for Productivity

Everyone should have a good productivity app installed so that you can keep track of your personal and professional life.


Wunderlist is an effective to-do list app. you can create a task list and share it with your employees. The list syncs automatically so that all the lists are up to date. Wunderlist also has a business app that lets you create a workflow for your members. You can delegate a task, create subtask and set deadlines. As usual, the basic option is free but for a business like a mobile casino, it costs £4.99 per month.

Best App for tracking time

If you are a small business, you would like to keep track of your time and that of the team so that you can calculate the productivity of the organisation.


Toggle helps you track your billable hours and log them. You can track multiple projects or clients, create graphs and export them. You can sync this with other project management apps. You can also use log your employee times in toggle and help them stay organised. The basic version is free, but you can log only for five users. A pro version allows you to keep track of all your employees and log billable hours for £5 per month.

Best App for project management

Project management lets you and your employees be on the same path. You can track their tasks and avoid any miscommunication between your employees and yourself.


In Trello everything is visual. You can create several lists and move details between them. Here every task is stored as cards. You can move the cards, list to list depending on the status of the card. You can assign them to any employee and check the status of the cards. There is an option of in-app chatting too. It is free for personal use but for business, you will have to pay £12.50 per employee.

Best app for communication

Even in this era of WhatsApp and mobile, it is necessary to maintain an app for communication so that you will be able to be in touch with your employees always.

Skype for business

Everyone is familiar with Skype but Skype for business offers an online meeting with your employees. A maximum of 250 people can join the meeting. You also have the option to integrate with Microsoft Office, transfer files and more. Skype for business comes as a part of Office 365 business package by Microsoft.

Best app for payment

If your business accepts payment online, then it’s better to have an app deal with it so that it’s secure.


PayPal here is hands down the best app to receive payments. You also get a small card reader if you so require. PayPal can process checks, invoices and payments from an already existing PayPal account. One downside is that the payments will go to your PayPal account and then will be transferred to your bank account in a couple of days. An online gaming site and mobile casinos like Monster Casino accepts payment through PayPal since it’s quite a popular payment option and is secure too.

Best accounting app

If you are getting paid, you also need to keep track of them. Else everything can potentially spiral out of control.


If you don’t need a highly sophisticated accounting app then FreshBooks could be your go-to App. You can track hours, log received and send invoices. FreshBooks can be synced with your smartphone or Tablet and you can also integrate it with PayPal. The plan starts at £15 per month for up to five clients. For more clients and more features, it is £50 a month.

Having apps like this can change how your business work and helps you be on top of everything. This lets you have a personal life while owning a successful business.