5 of the most common businesses online

Over recent years, some fields stand out as more common than others and it’s those fields we’ll take a closer look at here.


Long gone are the days of gathering friends and family in your living room and force them to watch hundreds of slideshow-pictures from your trip to the Bahamas. Nowadays we handle that kind of business online. The most noticeable difference being that instead of family and friends, you now gather people from all around the world, and you get money for it. A lot. The internet is constantly starving for content, and those who are able to create content that appeal to the masses have definitely taken advantage of the fact.

Online Retail

Even if we don’t look to the giants, such as E-bay and Amazon, the amount of online-shops dealing in specialized wares is near infinite. Shipping from all over the world, new online shops are popping up every day. Whether you want a handmade Buddha-statuette from Thailand or an infinite bubble-wrap toy from Japan – they’re all just a click away.

Online Gambling

Although mankind has taken to gambling for one of our favorite pass-time activities throughout history, never before has it been so easy. Whilst a trip to Las Vegas still has magic written all over it, it is now possible to have a Live casino with live dealers in your own living room!

App Developing

Another business which seems to be on a never-ending boom: Apps. A few years ago it might have been hard to imagine just how profitable this business would become. As an example, “Candy Crush” is one of the world’s most downloaded games, a simple app and an addictive game. Surely, although it has slowed down since the launch in April 2012, I’m sure the developers are still happy as it’s still making more than $1.0M per day. Not bad for a free app!

Online Marketing

You’ll find traces of it everywhere while browsing online. Whenever you search for something, someone has tried to ensure that your search will bring your to their site. Just a quick look at the AdWords revenue and its development will reveal just how huge this business is, last year being nearly $80.0 Billion!