3 top tips to classy office design

If you’re a client wandering into this mess, you’d be more likely to head for the door than stop for a chat.

Indeed, the business without panache is the one most likely to fail. So what can you do to make yours as stylish as an Armani jacket?

Go for green!
“Going green” is the buzz phrase of many a modern office – but few bother to stick to it.

Yet even major companies know that reducing their carbon emissions can increase profits and act as fantastic PR.

If you’re a small business, however, reducing waste doesn’t have to be a huge job. All you really need are the basics – a recycling programme, lower power consumption and employees who are switched on to the environment.

And for reduced carbon in your office, invest in a few office plants to offset any chemicals in the air. Essentially, some high-quality plants will “breathe in” carbon dioxide and, thanks to photosynthesis, “breathe out” oxygen. So your office will enjoy far cleaner air.

Look to the tech
Have you ever looked around the offices of Google or another high profile media company? If not, here’s a capsule review of them – supercool.

Every office in this mega-company is covered in the latest tech, all sleek and shiny and future-proof.

While you don’t need the latest and most expensive gadgets, investing in updates on your computers or a tablet for every member of staff will give your workplace that cutting edge feel.

Not only will this make your employees more efficient, but it’ll give clients the impression that your finger is on the pulse.

Time for an art attack
There are offices with about as much appreciation for art as a philistine having a lobotomy. But offices without decent artwork are unlikely to convince clients that they’ve got the panache to handle business.

You don’t have to rush out to your nearest antique dealer and pick up an original Renoir, either. All you really need is artwork that defines you as a company.

Find someone in the office with an artistic bent, if you can, and commission them to create a desirable piece. You’ll then engage your employees in the design process and make them feel valued in every decision of your business.

The perfect artwork is reflective of your intentions as a business. Hip and cool? Then vie for graffiti art. Looking for a touch of class? Then find a calming portrait of nature. Either way, you’ll convey a true sense of your business expertise.

Image: Business Interior by Shutterstock