10 tips for businesses holding events

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Here are just 10 helpful tips to help you get the most out of the event you’re holding.

Investigate crowdfunding/fundraising

A tip for before the planning stage. Crowdfunding has become hugely popular with the emergence of such websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfunding can benefit your business event greatly if your sector is underrepresented on such platforms. High levels of interest in your business on these sites can make financing your event much easier.

Advanced bookings

To help prepare for any number of people your venue will be accommodating, try using a pre-registering app to get a better idea of how many people will be in attendance. Eventbrite is a great way for people to RSVP well ahead of time to make event planning a lot easier.

Focus on gaining huge exposure online

The internet offers massive exposure for events, so you need to make use of it. Start a Twitter hashtag to spread the word about your event or promote video material from YouTube. You can even buy ad space to play your advert before a related YouTube video to convey those crucial brand values to a potentially huge audience.

Serve the sponsors

Sponsors can be crucial in funding events, so it’s important that you are doing right by them, as well as your visitors. A good way of getting them on your side is to quote them an underestimated figure for the event’s turnout. When more people turn up, it will be a nice surprise for them and help you to secure funding again in the future.

Introduce yourself to every visitor

Introduce yourself to everyone. Make the best possible impression on those you’ve invited, so that you can impart those key brand messages in a manner that guests will remember for all of the right reasons. Remember that it is through your events that people should come to associate your company with all of its finest brand values.   

Act as a connector

When you see two people looking spare, try bringing them both together to get the networking going. A lot of people attend business meetings for the opportunity to meet key people in the industry. A report by Conventions 2020 shows that 76% of event attendees cite the quality of networking as their main reason for going, so do what you can to give your attendees the best experience possible.

Share the workload

Events can be very stressful to run, so it pays to delegate responsibilities across a handful of people, instead of just one person. If and when something goes wrong during the event, it is a lot easier to get solved if there a several different people who can be relied on to respond.

Hire good staff

This isn’t just caterers and general cleaning staff. For events, Kru Live provides you with brand ambassadors who can confidently engage with the event’s visitors about the business in question, staff to host the event itself and if need be, actors and models to showcase a particular product or service. All this adds to the impression that visitors have of your event – and of your brand and what it stands for.

Invite bloggers

Press is great to have at an event to spread the word, but bloggers are invaluable to this process too. Independent blog writers aren’t bound by the same restrictions as newspapers or other journalistic publications but have the same wide reach as these, which can do wonders for promotion.

Push for feedback

Look to see how people are reacting to your event, and see if they’re enjoying themselves. When speaking to visitors, try to subtly probe them for a critique of your event. Politeness often makes people say vague, positive things in response to these questions, but try and ascertain some areas of improvement from the guests.