8 ingenious homework help sites

All of the students today rely on the internet as the source of their information for their school papers.

While all the information is available online, not all of the homework help websites and other types of information sources are reliable. Some of them tend to contain false information or questionable sources. That is why students need to be careful when choosing where to pay someone to do my homework.

When a student uses a questionable homework help source for their class papers, they risk getting a low or failing grade for that assignment. It is because of this possibility that students need to use only proven reliable and truthful homework help sites.

This article will present a list of the 8 most ingenious and reliable websites on the internet. These homework help website choices were based on the length of the presence of the website online, the accuracy of its information, and whether the site is still in existence or not. The websites have been divided into early learning and high school homework help sites.

For Early Learning and Elementary

BrainPop Jr.: Develop the Chi;ld’s Brain at home or on the road – https://jr.brainpop.com

This is an interactive website for early learners starting at the age of 5. This is a video and audio heavy webpage that carries state recommended standards for education. The curriculum is animated as the users are too young to be proficient readers. It is a website that can be used by students in Kindergarten all the way to the third grade. This pay for use site encourages learning and fundamental research skills through the use of video, game, quiz, and activity sections. For this article, I had my 5-year-old niece test the website for me. It turned into hours of fun learning activities for her. The only drawback that I could see to the use of this website is that the price for use can become quite prohibitive for parents at $85 a year to $8.45 a month.

Game Classroom: Learn Lessons the Interactive Way – gameclassroom.com

Rated an A+ for educational value, this is a free website that indeed does its job as a homework helper for children aged 5 and above. It’s a pretty much straightforward site that allows users to access the site’s game or learning tips. What makes this a handy tool is the fact that even the archived information of the site can be accessed sans an actual registration. The only drawback? Parents need to sign up for a newsletter from the website. Don’t worry though. The site claims to keep all of your information private. No third-party sales for your identities here.

Science Bob: Easy Science Experiments – https://sciencebob.com

Children from ages 12 and up benefit significantly from the informational response that the site sends in response to questions from registered users. The website is run by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder who, in the same vein as “Bill Nye: The Science Guy,” encourages children to do science experiments, under adult supervision of course. Users of this site need to register though in order to gain full access to the site offerings.

High School and College

The Math Forum – People Learning Math Together – mathforum.org (Archived)

Though no longer responding to active questions, this homework help site has archived responses to various formulas and selected answers. The searchable inquiry system has a listing of relevant responses to questions starting from elementary, high school, college, and advanced academic levels. The site contains relevant discussions and examples that can help the student to understand better what the mathematical concept is about. Access to the archive is free of charge.

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper – bjpinchbeck.com (Active)

BJ Pinchbeck and his dad have been actively listing a reference list of the most reliable sources of information online since 1996. Their site listings cover Math, English, Science, and Computers references, Unlike the other homework help sites that tend actually to help the user who has questions. This particular homework helper simply lists a series of informative and authoritative websites, depending upon the subject the student is looking for. Don’t take the listing as a site endorsement though. Scrutinize the source as BJ himself has said that he does his best to verify the reliability of each site. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Usa.gov. – Safe and Reliable Information https://www.usa.gov/education?source=kids (Archived)

The website was decommissioned after 16 years of actively helping to offer the most reliable homework help in the form of well vetted information from the government of the United States. That is not to say that the United States government has abandoned their students though. The site has archived vital information for student research that can still be freely accessed on the website. While sources are mostly out of date, these can be used as reference points for more updated information from other reliable sources. This is more reliable than Wikipedia.

Cosmeo: Discovery Channel’s Homework Help Service – cosmeo.com (Active)

Representing the online homework helper of the Discovery Channel, this highly reliable and informative research site assists learners from Grades K-12 and covers topics ranging from video references, Math tutorials, images, references, related articles, trusted links, interactive games, and other research related information such as an online dictionary, biographies, and reference materials. While the 30 day – trial period is free, continued full access to the website requires a minimal fee payable through online sources.

Fact Monster: Homework Fact, Games, and Trivia Quizzes – factmonster.com (Active)

Advertising itself as a homework help website, there are various learning tools available for free. The Help sections range from Homework help and study tips, reference sources, Tools for school, and a Question and Answer section, to name but a few.

Parents: Raising Readers and Learners – scholastic.com/parents/school-success (Active)

The online partner of the Parents magazine from Scholastic the site offers homework help for both parents and students. All you need to input into the search box is your age and the topic you are searching for. Accurate information based on Scholastic publications will turn up as search results.

Note: A number of the referenced websites have since been retired but still contain active links and useful archives for homework help reference.