7 reasons why wearing a uniform is important

staff uniforms

The alarm clock goes off, the daily monotonous morning routine ensues and it’s time to dress yourself in your work-attire.

It’s a concept that most of us detest – the thought of wearing jeans at work is unthinkable, but many do not consider the benefits that a uniform has from both a professional and brand awareness standpoint. The club & corporate-wear professionals, William Turner have come up with 7 reasons why wearing a uniform is important.

For Brand Identity

Ensuring your company’s branding is at the forefront of your customers mind creates a connection which the consumer can identify with, as well as remember. Brilliant for a company’s awareness, strong branding on uniforms is also successful for advertising.

Your company can also create custom pin badges to further enhance its brand identity. It can make your employees appear more professional since it matches their uniforms. At the same time, this can also play a role in promoting the brand. When employees wear a pin badge, they can feel a sense of collective pride and honor toward their employer. It is even possible to customize badges according to positions and years of employment for different employees, which will also make them feel appreciated.

Boost Consumer Trust & Client’s Perception

Consumers can make an instant connection of trust to a brands identity through the use of effective business wear. The element of trust is amplified through brand-recognition, which enables customers to engage more easily with the product and lead them down the sales funnel.

Increased Profits

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, employees are essentially brand ambassadors who are on hand to push sales as well as deploying exceptional customer care. When you consider ‘guru’s’ at tech companies like Apple & O2, the uniform they wear carry connotations of professionalism which will essentially increase profits and retain customers.

Foster Sense of Unity

Employees who dress similarly develop a sense of solidarity and belonging, creating an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, and performance ultimately improves. Uniforms also smash the barriers of hierarchy enforcing the point that “we’re all this together”.

Safety First

In industries that carry risk, uniforms can also deliver functional benefits. For example, high-visibility uniforms prevent workers from being in potentially deadly situations.

Dress to Impress

Staff who are dressed in uniform tend to take better care of their image, instantly setting them apart as professionals and more organised. The appearance of an employee can also reflect on the company they work for, so it’s important to adopt an organised front at all times.

Your Outfit Choices are Narrowed Down

No, seriously. Life is made so much easier when you eliminate the stress of choosing what to wear the day before. Time and money is also a valuable factor when it comes down to remedial tasks like matching shirts and trousers.