5 business ideas for college students

Every student dreams of having some additional income because not all parents can afford to pay for both studies and entertainment of their children.

That is why more and more students consider starting their own business. In this article, we have compiled a list of best business ideas for students that would allow them to start up business quickly and without much time and money.

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  1. Fast food on wheels. Due to the fact that most people are busy during the day, they do not have the opportunity to make their own full-fledged lunch, and some simply like to try new and delicious food. Therefore, the popularity of this area will serve as a guarantee for the availability of customers. And the convenience of fast food on wheels lies in the fact that you can choose any place to be during the day and there is always the opportunity to relocate to a more populous place.

It will be ideal to park your food truck close to some educational institution or office building, as this will guarantee a stable stream of customers at lunchtime. It is convenient to start such a venture when there is already a vehicle that can be transformed into a mobile point of sale. You also need to buy kitchen equipment.

Of course, this venture also assumes some daily expenses for the purchase of goods. And, ideally, you will need a partner who could replace you if necessary and together with whom you could design your work schedule. It is desirable to offer the dishes, the preparation of which does not take much time. It can be hamburgers, french fries, snacks, salads etc.

  1. Party games studio or anti-café. The idea of creating a place where people could gather to have fun is not new to anyone these days. However, you can offer the society an alternative to restaurants, cafes, bars, and cinemas. Not all of us live in an apartment or house that is able to fit all our friends or relatives at once. That’s why facilities where you can comfortably spend quality time with your fellas became popular. A big room, a few kitchen isles, huge soft couch, some puff chairs, big TV set or projection screen, console, and table games are the constituents of amazing games studio. You can also offer your guests coffee, tea, and cookies for free. What they have to pay for is time spent in your studio. Such places do not require hiring waiters, it’s only a single manager, who could deal with all the work there (and maybe a cleaning specialist). For a sociable and ambitious student with organizational skills, such a business will also be a good option.
  2. Printer cartridge refill and office equipment repair. Wondering how to start a small business? This is the option college students might want to look into. Such a service is in great demand in big cities, where there are many offices and business centers. You can start such a venture if you already have the cartridge refill skills. If there are no such skills, you can hire some people to help you out.

Office equipment repair skills will come in handy too because customers are likely to contact you for repairs, and this is another rather big source of income. At the very beginning, it will be necessary to buy some ads in order to attract customers, and perhaps more than once. It is also necessary to rent some premises in a business center or in a business district.

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  1. Bicycle rental. A bicycle is an environmentally friendly mode of transport and, for this reason, it becomes more and more popular among people in large cities. People have realized that you cannot get in a traffic jam on a bicycle, which eliminates the situations when one is running late for work. Therefore, bicycle rental can be your profitable business with only small investments.

The amount of investments depends on the number of bicycles that you decide to give out for rent initially. You can start with a small number of bikes, and then gradually buy new transport units. At a minimum, it is recommended to purchase 10 different bike models.

Your audience will be teenagers, children, as well as adults who prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Pillow cleaning service. This venture does not require serious financial investments, and the niche is not competitive. It is recommended replacing your old pillows with new ones every three years, however, people prefer not to buy new things, but to bring the old ones into proper shape. For the arrangement of pillow cleaning business, no investment is required. In addition, cleaning a single pillow takes no more than 30 minutes and this is the type of business to do from home.

We hope you enjoyed our article! If you have some more online business ideas, please let us know!

Nicolas Walker is a 27-year-old Canadian businessperson and writer at EduBirdie. He started his own car wash business back in college days, and now it is thriving. Nicolas is also into blogging, as he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others.