Swedish tech companies that revolutionized the world


Sweden is a quite small country on the north tip of Europe with a population of only 9.9 million. However, the start-up business in several industries is huge, especially in tech.

Beside the well know retail companies as IKEA and H&M, Sweden stands for a huge number of extremely successful companies, and trust me, more to come in the future!

Spotify: A presentation of this company doesn’t seem necessary. If you have internet and you have listen to music, you know what Spotify is. The music giant been around for 9 years and have over 3000 employees.

Skype: Another tech giant, another Swede (Niklas Zennström) involved. Started up in 2003 and has grown to one of the most famous communication tool company in the world.

Klarna: An online payment platform, founded in 2005. Klarna, with a value over 1 billion USD, could very well take place as the new checkout nr.1 platform.

Besides these three there are several companies that reached for the stars and got there.

Games and Online Casino industry – Swedish Giants

I assume you already know the popular games Minecraft and the mobile game Candy Crush. So, let’s skip the games and that and take look at another industry – online casino – where Sweden is one of the leading countries in Europe.

These ones listed below are just two among many large gambling companies with Swedish roots. If you take time and investigate you’ll see that many companies are founded or have some connection to Sweden. And the online casino industry is exploding at the moment. New online casino websites as DreamsCasino.se among many other new sites pop-up every other week. Of course, not all of them will grow in to Swedish tech giants, but some will.


A huge online gambling operator with over 10 other brands in their pocket. Has its head office in Malta but was founded by Anders Ström in Sweden.


Similar to Unibet. Offers both sportsbook and casino. Betsson own over 20 different brands. A company that will keep growing in size, as they keep buying new promising online casinos to secure their position.