10 tips for more efficient business travel

business travel

Travel is a big part of modern business. With the market growing at its current pace, executives and business owners need to travel more frequently to reach new potential clients, maintain the existing ones, and grow with the market.

Business travel is necessary not only for the future of the business but also for its competitiveness.

Thanks to technology and various services available today, business travel isn’t as cumbersome as it used to be. Most seasoned business travellers even develop travel habits that allow them to travel more efficiently regardless of the timing and travel destination. We spoke to some seasoned travellers and gathered the top 10 tips that will help you travel for business more efficiently as well.

Travel Light

Traveling light is the secret of many business travellers. The fewer items you carry, the easier it will be to go through security and deal with other hassles of traveling. You don’t even have to wait at the baggage carousel and you can go in and out of airports more quickly.

Traveling light has another big advantage. It lets you travel more without getting tired of lugging your baggage around. You can be agiler on the road; this is always good for business.

Keep the Essentials Ready

If you travel often, it is also worth keeping a bag of essentials ready for use at any time. A friend of mine who happens to own a business has three identical bags with every travel essential he needs. He can simply pack his laptop, chargers, and other items he uses frequently in any of those bags and be ready for his next trip.

Of course, you don’t have to go this far. After a few trips, packing the essential items will become a habit. You can do it quickly and be ready for the trip in just a few minutes.

Plan Ahead

There are plenty of booking apps and other tools that make traveling today a lot easier. You don’t have to wait for confirmations or go through travel agents to make the necessary travel arrangements. While it is great that you can make last-minute arrangements, the best way to go is planning ahead.

Booking early lets you enjoy better prices. On top of that, you can take more time and compare your options before making reservations. That little bit of extra time gives you the opportunity to make the entire business trip more pleasant too.

Fly Private

You don’t even have to stick to the airlines’ schedules. Many companies provide private jet memberships, for example, the Private Jet Membership program from Paramount Business Jets allows members to fly at the lowest possible price and enjoy extra flexibility as they can fly in as little as an hour after booking. The membership program lets you have access to the best jets without having to buy them.

The idea behind private jet card membership programs is simple. The service provider can get an airplane ready in a few hours. In return, you pay a discounted fee – due to the private jet card – and can save a lot of time. The best private jet card program also includes additional services, including a concierge to handle all of your travel arrangements for you.

Collect Mileage

When you do have to travel on a commercial flight instead of a private jet, make sure you stick to one airline as frequently as possible. Collecting frequent flyer mileage will grant you access to free upgrades and additional amenities that make business travels much more convenient.

For instance, certain airlines offer a separate VIP security line for their valued frequent flyers. You can skip the long lines and get to the airport lounge in a matter of minutes. The airport lounge is another huge add-on since you can rest better or spend time working while waiting for your next flight.

Dress for the Trip

Every business trip is different. Certain trips are filled with meetings from the moment you land, while others are more relaxed and let you enjoy gaps between schedules. Regardless of your schedule, always dress comfortably for the flight. Forget about wearing a suit; you will not be able to snatch some rest during the flight with a formal business attire.

Airports now have shower rooms, so it is much more convenient to refresh at the airport instead of wearing a suit throughout the flight. You’ll look fresher and more prepared for the meeting too. This is even easier when you’re flying on a private jet. You can refresh in-flight and simply hop onto the car that picks you up ready for the challenges to come. It is the ultimate way of flying indeed.

Bring Entertainment

Just because it is a business trip, doesn’t mean you don’t need to have fun and relax. Maintaining the same balance as when you are working from the office is equally important. You want to stay sharp and ready, even after an 8-hour flight. This is where bringing your own entertainment comes in handy.

You can use the time to catch up on that book you have always wanted to read. A Kindle in the carry-on is all you need to have hundreds of books with you at all times. You can also pre-download movies and TV series from Netflix and Amazon Prime for when there are gaps in your schedule.


Don’t forget to squeeze in some light exercise in between flights and meetings. A 30-minute walk around the airport or a simple stretching routine when you feel tired is often all that is needed to refresh. Exercising also keep the body metabolizing at the ideal rate, which means you can sleep better at night and not have to worry about possible health problems ruining the trip.

You can also bring your morning routine with you. Starting the day correctly is important, so stick to the routine you maintain back home when staying in a city for more than a day. Do a morning run, have breakfast while reading the local newspaper, and don’t forget to set the alarm at the right time to tie everything together.

Plan for the Worst

Despite careful planning and time spent fine-tuning your travel itinerary, it is still necessary to prepare for the worst. A delayed flight, incorrect booking information for your overnight hotel, bad internet connection, and various other issues can turn a well-planned business trip into a nightmare.

There is always a solution to these issues you may face during your business trip. You can quickly find another flight or use the Jet Card program we talked about earlier to secure a private flight to the destination. Accommodation issues can be solved by turning to booking apps and services such as Airbnb. When you are prepared, no challenge is to difficult to handle.

Be Friendly

Last but certainly not least, always be friendly to the people you meet on the road. The crew serving you onboard the flight, the staff at your overnight hotel, and random strangers you meet in between stops can be your saviour.

When you are kind to other people, you will be treated kindly too. This is a handy tip to remember when you are visiting a new city. Ask nicely for the help you need, and you will get help in return.

All of these tips will help make your business trips more efficient. Learn from the seasoned business travellers and become an expert in moving from one flight to another.