PR agency 10 Yetis invests in start up online video company

The announcement comes at a time when the agency is seeing unprecedented levels of demand from media across all platforms for web clips and videos to support the publicity campaigns that it manages on behalf of its clients.
The Online Video Company already has an impressive business to business show-reel, courtesy of its cinematic and high quality approach to creating web films. To date the company has secured high profile commissions from the likes of Keele University and, most recently, the Fredericks Foundation; where the company was tasked with filming the Prime Minister, David Cameron.
The investment will be used to help the company market its current portfolio of services along with launching a new Video Blogger range of tools and Search Engine Optimisation focused video packages. The Online Video Company will be based at the 10 Yetis PR offices in the heart of the South West.
Speaking about the investment, Andy Barr, co-founder and Head Yeti at 10 Yetis said, “The investment in The Online Video Company is very much about 10 Yetis making sure that it is fully prepared for the future demands of the national and international media as, over the last year, we have seen unprecedented levels of requests from journalists and publishers across every form of media for videos and web clips to support our client campaigns.”
Barr continued “The Online Video Company is renowned for its cinematic quality business films that have taken online videos to the next level. I am confident that our disruptive approach to both Media & Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that have always been successful, combined with The Online Video Company’s obvious talent will result in our going on to deliver the types of projects that will delight clients and deliver to them the return on investment that is needed in such a tough economic environment.”
Dr Mark Davies from The Online Video Company said, “I am very excited about the new opportunities that now lay ahead. We’ve hit one of those golden moments in the business film industry where all sorts of things have clicked together at just the right time. Recent advances in film production technologies and fresh talent coming through are challenging what has largely become a very tired and unimaginative industry.
“With 90% of adults now having access to broadband quality internet, both they and the search engines are hungry for richer content, providing a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage people on a whole new level. 
“At The Online Video Company we have a truly unique skill base – strengthened through our connection with 10 Yetis. We take time to understand client’s businesses, the best way to convey them through film, and the best way to get it out there to deliver results.”