Fluentify raises £1.5m to expand into the French market


Fluentify, an online language tutoring platform that enables learners to perfect their spoken English, has raised £1.5m to develop its product and expand its offering into the French market.

Headquartered in London Fluentify is one of the fastest growing among an emerging category of language learning startups – using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help individuals learn a foreign language for both conversational and business use.

The company, which is privately owned and operated by Fluentify Ltd, was founded by entrepreneurs Giacomo Moiso, Claudio Bosco and Matteo Avalle.

Fluentify raised £280k in an initial funding round to set up the company, originally aimed at individuals in B2B companies that import and export. The additional £1.5m was raised by Stefano Marsaglia, Managing Director and Founder at Peninsula Capital, an independent investment firm which specialises in Private Equity investments in Southern European markets and Latin America and by private investment from a major Italian family.

The capital raised will be used to fuel operational scale-up, focusing on the French market, develop the face-to-face team and drive Research and Development (R&D). Unlike traditional language schools and online tutoring websites, Fluentify scales not by increasing its inventory or number of employees, but by increasing the number of students and tutors and matching them with each other.

On its mission to simplify the language learning process, Fluentify connects learners to fully qualified teachers via its secure, integrated video conferencing platform for 30-minute sessions, using AI and machine learning software. The platform is accessible 24/7 by both web browser and app. Learners can create custom plans to suit their requirements, whether they are a student, a professional, or a business looking for a company-wide plan.

Fluentify only employs teachers who hold a CELTA, TESOL or equivalent qualification, in addition to a university degree. Teachers must be native English speakers with a minimum of two years’ experience teaching adults. Experience in online teaching, and teaching English language specifically for business, is also a requirement.|

“The latest commitment to Fluentify, from two key investors, is testament to the pace of the company’s growth and the potential for its language learning mission,” commented Giacomo Moiso, CEO and Co-founder of Fluentify. “Bilingualism can offer individuals a competitive edge in the job market and we’re seeing increasingly strong demand for the product as a result. We look forward to scaling up our presence in Europe and beyond in the coming months.”

Claudio Bosco, Co-founder of Fluentify and COO of Fluentify, commented: “We are really proud to see that Stefano is investing in Fluentify further. This is really important for the company’s future growth and network.”

Stefano Marsaglia, Managing Director of Peninsular Capital, says: “In a crowded category of language learning tools and applications, Fluentify already stands out with a unique value proposition and ability to provide personalised tuition from fully qualified, experienced teachers. I’m excited to be investing in Fluentify, recognising the company’s continued growth and ability to fulfil its potential.”